Why Isn’t World Cup Held More Often

why are world cups held in 4 years

Every sporting event be a it Football World Cup or Cricket, Olympics or  Hockey World Cup each of these is held every four years only. It is true that the excitement and curiosity level for any event will remain so long as it is played on a regular basis. The excitement and the buzz will remain more if such sporting events are played more often.why are world cups held in 4 years

However, organizers have their preferential reasons for holding such sporting after 4 years. The Olympic Games registration website states that the event is held at a gap of 4 years to respect the tradition. As evident in history, such sporting events were organized in Olympia and therefore were named after the place where these were held. These games were held after four years so it became a tradition and hence World Cup is held after a gap of four years only.

There can be vivid reasons however for the sporting event to be held at a gap of 4 years. There was limited transportation in that era and it was virtually impossible for people to travel overseas for such games. This factor coupled with the tradition that evolved over a period also led to these games being held at a gap of four years.
why are world cups held in 4 years

Is change in this traditional mindset need of the hour?

Considering the fact that times have changed and travel to any part of the world has become extremely accessible, is it not evident that the tradition needs to be changed. Moreover, the sporting career of an international athlete spans only 10-12 years and the idea of holding World Cup at a duration of 4 years limits their participation in such events. Being a part of World Cup is a dream of any sportsperson and therefore if they do not get ample opportunity to represent their country, it does have a limiting effect on their morale also.

While the organizers of events as World Cup still stick to the tradition of holding the event at a gap of 4 years, multiple events in any sporting arena, be it football, hockey, athletics and cricket have evolved over time.why are world cups held in 4 years

These events somewhat lessen the grief of players who do not get ample opportunity to showcase their talent at international level. However, the tradition of holding World Cup at a gap of 4 years still continues and players and viewers alike still wish, if this could be held more often.

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