Why Is Cheating In Long Distance Relationship Becoming Acceptable?

Relationships are lifelong matters though it is equally true that partners also cheat on each other, at times. Cheating is a difficult proposition when both the partners are together. The story goes to a different level in case of long distance relationships.

1. Both Partners Are Far Apart

In a typical long distance relationship both the partners are physically at different locations. It is but natural that they will meet new people during their personal and professional endeavours. This increases the chance of their growing intimate with some other person. Since both the partners might be facing such a situation, it is but natural that with time they could develop feelings for new partners. Though both of the partners might be privy to it, the long-distance relationship will continue and both of them might know and accept this fact.

Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship

2. No Physical Intimacy

In a typical long distance relationship, there are chances of both the partners developing physical intimacy with some new person. While this might be true for one or both of the partners, they would continue to be the in touch with each other while accepting the fact that this physical intimacy with a new partner will be a temporary phase and they will remain in touch with their real lovers for long.

3. Less Emotional Bondage

In a long distance relationship, the emotional bondage between both the partners is less. This happens as the physical distance between both of them comes in between. This decreases the emotional bond between the two and though both of them might be interacting on a regular basis, the emotional contact between the two will be limited. This increases the chance of cheating by both the partners as they might come in contact with new people. Therefore, less emotional bondage also results in cheating by both but is generally accepted as they remain in touch with each other, all the while accepting the fact that they could be cheating on each other.

Cheating In A Long Distance Relationship

4. Less Time For Each Other

It is a fact that a person always needs quality time with his or her partner. In a long-distance relationship, both partners, even if they meet is only for a limited time. This lack of time for each other also promotes the instinct of cheating and is somehow accepted by both of them.

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