Top 5 Joker (Batman) Performances

Among all the negative characters who performed in DC Universe, no one could even come closer to the magical performance of The Joker. The character which was introduced in 1940’s has not changed much, despite the fact that movies over the years have advanced in technological terms.
Below we list some of the joker performances which batman villain characters have ever given. Let’s figure out from the list as to who could give the best short in terms of performance.

5. Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) 2016Best Joker performances - Jared Leto (Suicide Squad) 2016

Jared Leto in Suicide Squad could not match the exceptional performance index set up for the character of batman villain. He shot for the movies for months only to find a small depiction of his character in the movie. The performance was however not worth the hype and he could not leave his mark in this iconic character.

4. Cesar Romero (Batman on ABC) 1966Best Joker performances - Cesar Romero (Batman on ABC) 1966

He is credited to be the first actor who brought The Joker to life on screen and that too in the year 1966. He appeared in the Season 5 of Batman Series. The character he portrayed would run into troublesome situations but the whole episode was done in such a manner that it made Adam West, the lead star immensely popular.

3. Jack Nicholson (Batman) 1989Best Joker performances - Jack Nicholson (Batman) 1989

Jack Nicholson was the one who brought to life, the traditional version of this character. His appearance was so iconic that it gave rise to a new era of villains who could be humorous and rebellious, at the same time.

2. Mark Hamill (Batman-The animated series) 1992Best Joker performances - Batman-The-Animated-Series

This is one of the most iconic versions of Dark Knight which appeals to the modern comic book generation. The voice of Mark Hamill is so synonymous with the character that he has even lent his voice to Arkham series of video games of Batman.

1. Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) 2008Best Joker performances - Cesar Romero (Batman on ABC) 1966

The chilling performance of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight is considered to be the best movie performances of all times. This also speaks volume on acting skills of Heath Ledger.

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