Top 10 Worst People in History

We are here to surprise you with the list. Because it is not the countdown of the greater people, inspirational ones. The information about Worst and Bad people in history is very interesting to hear but In reality, they were damaging and executing humans for their own worst purpose. 

Worst People in History

Here is the list of Worlds 10 Worst people in history.

1. Joseph Stalin:

Joseph Stalin

Nobody will forget this man for centuries. He had almost executed every closest friend and believer of him. He managed to starve Ukraine but later he showed his real face and possibly bad version of his. He had killed around 60 million people.

2. Ivan IV:

Ivan IV

He was a dangerous man at his actions and also the first of the Tsars. According to historians and During one of his escapades to Poland, he had been responsible for 1000 deaths of prisoners every day. 

3. Adolf Hitler:

 Adolf Hitler

With absolute ruling out the lives, he was well known for his destruction. He made concepts clear to him first but all were in wrong directions. He destroyed the entire continent within 6 years and is responsible for the death of 10 million people.

4. Dr. H. H. Holmes:

Dr. H. H. Holmes

He was a serial killer and killing the people in a very rude way. he built a hotel specifically for the purpose of killing his guests. He tortured people and kill them after that he was dissecting bodies and selling the limbs of the body to medical schools. By hearing that, The strange thoughts arise within our mind. 

5. Heinrich Himmler:

Heinrich Himmler

Heinrich was the chief of German Police and also head of the Gestapo. He was personally responsible for nearly 10 million people. He had heavy and rough heart though. He was also the leader of SS. 

6. Genghis Khan:

Genghis Khan

Why was he known as worst? He was the emperor of the largest empire in history. Almost he won two continents. When he attacks, he also offers to surrender otherwise everything was being destroyed. He was responsible for a large number of deaths during his life. 

7. Muammar Gaddafi:

Muammar Gaddafi

He was charged for international terrorism, helping his soldiers for raping and killing women, killing his own people. He was the state leader but he also got the arrest warrant due to his criminal acts. He also is known as “reckless”

8. Osama bin Laden:

 Osama bin Laden

He was the role model and an iconic face for terrorism. He was the founder of al-Qaeda. He had been valued for $25 million dollar bounty which was placed on his head by the FBI. Almost every terrorist attack in the world was being planned and executed by al-Qaeda. 

9. Elizabeth Bathory:

 Elizabeth Bathory

Female on the list? Yes! This blood queen Elizabeth was rudely famous for her abuse. She was also labeled as the “most prolific female serial killer in history” A Hungarian countess from the 1500s who has been labeled the “most prolific female serial killer in history”.

According to historians, she did every possible cruelty to the human body such as live surgery, beating, burning, freezing and sexual abuse. 

10. Idi Amin Dada:

 Idi Amin Dada

He was greatly famous for his cruelty and also had been charged for human abuse, political repression, ethnic persecution, extrajudicial killings, and corruption. He was responsible for almost half a million death of people. 

So, these are the top 10 Worst people in history ever. If you have any suggestions then pls comment.

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