Top 10 Cat Breeds

Top Cat Breeds - Maine Coon

It might seem amazing at first instance but for every person, a cat exits whose lifestyle matches that of the individual. Below are listed top 10 cat breeds in the world and you might find a reflection of your personality in any of these.

10. OrientalTop Cat Breeds - Oriental

This breed of cat has pointed and big ears and has a sleek muscular body. This breed bonds deeply with the person who owns it. Do not be surprised if your cat is demanding and vocal.

9. American ShorthairTop Cat Breeds - American Shorthair

This breed is gentle and easy going. It has a lifespan of 15-20 years and gels in your family well, especially with small children. If you have children in your family, it will be a great idea to own a American Shorthair.

8. BirmanTop Cat Breeds - Birman

This breed of cat originated from Burma. A sturdy cat with long silken hair, Birman is much loved and desired. It has blue eyes and snow white boots on its paws. This cat stays out of your way, if it finds that you are busy in some important work.

7. SphynxTop Cat Breeds - Sphynx

It has a thin layer of hair on its body and is sensitive to sun rays. It is however very affectionate and you will love to cuddle it gently. A funny addition to any family, Sphynx will make for a worthy companion.

6. RagdollTop Cat Breeds - Ragdoll

It is gentle and affectionate cats breed and if you have Ragdoll in your home, be prepared to be followed by it all across your home. This breed requires regular grooming and you can safely leave your kids in its company.

5. SiameseTop Cat Breeds - Siamese

A sensitive and nervous breed, you will find that Siamese is a very affectionate cat. It has dark patches on the face and ears and it will be a challenge for you to travel with this cat, given its shy nature.

4. AbyssinianTop Cat Breeds - Abyssinian

A smart and extroverted breed, the Abyssinian is one of the oldest cat breeds. It loves to explore new things and play around. If you have a comfortable ambiance at your home, Abyssinian could be the perfect fit for you.

3. Exotic ShorthairTop Cat Breeds - Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair gives the appearance of a teddy bear rather than a cat. It is a laid back cat species and will prefer a quite ambiance rather than been surrounded by people, all the time.

2. Maine CoonTop Cat Breeds - Maine Coon

A cat with a thick fur and wide paws, the Maine Coon can walk easily on a snow surface. It is very healthy and hardy by nature and can be a good companion if you wish to leave you kids around for a while.

1. PersianTop Cat Breeds - Persian

Persian is popular for its silky fur and expressive eyes. This breed loves to live in serene environment and requires bath and grooming almost on a daily basis. If you are conscious for cleanliness, Persian will be a perfect companion at your home.

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