The Real Live Mowgli, She Lived A Life That Would Give Most People A Scare!

Tippi-Growing-Up-Alongside-Wild-Animals 2

Tippi, Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degré, is a french woman who spent the first 10 years of her life in Namibia in the company of dangerous wild animals and tribespeople. Her parents were wildlife photographers in Namibia when she was born. During her saty in her stay over their in her early years she befriended a leopard, elephants, lion cubs, crocodiles, giraffes, a Banded Mongoose, an meerkats, a baby zebra, Ostrich, a cheetah, snakes, chameleons and giant bullfrogs. Here is a picture album from her growing years which will amaze you. Some of the photos might send a chill down your spine.

Tippi_Degre 08

Tippi_Degre with wild animals

tippi_degre_real life mowgli

tippi_degre_real life mowgli_



Tippi the real life mowgli

Tippi-Degre - Tarzan Girl


Tippi-Degre-Growing-Up-Alongside-Wild-Animals 2

Tippi-Growing-Up-Alongside-Wild-Animals 2

Tippi-Growing-Up-Alongside-Wild-Animals 21



Apart from these wild animals other friends that she had were the local Bushmen people from Himba tribe who taught her to survive on berries and roots. She learnt to speak their native language and use bow and arrow from them.


Tippi-Degre growing with tribesmen 1

Tippi-Degre Hunting with tribesmen 2

Tippi-Degre Hunting with tribesmen 6

Tippi-Degre Hunting with tribesmen

Tippi-Degre Hunting with tribesmen 1

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