The Best World Cup Performances #3 Is Mindblowing

Bobby Moore - Best World Cup Performance

Here we bring to you the 10 of the best football world cup performance of all time.

Player – Country – Host Nation – Year

Hope you will enjoy the read.

10. Bobby Moore – England – England 1966

Bobby Moore - Best World Cup PerformanceEngland has not had much glory at world cups but the only one time they had the chance to kiss the World Cup it was a result of efforts of Bobby Moore, the greatest centre half England has ever had. Moore was captain of the World Cup winning England side under the guidance of Sir Alf Ramsey in 1966 World Cup and he took this opportunity to cement his place in the list of as Greatest British players of all time. The brilliant No. 6 carried England through a very tough run towards the title, beating West Germany and Eusebio’s Portugal.

9. Zinedine Zidane – France – France 1998

Zinedine-zidane Best World Cup Performances The iconic French No. 10 is the greatest player France has ever produced and arguably the greatest from the European countries. In the summer of 1998 he was instrumental in bringing the glory to France for the first time ever. He had done something that even the majestic Michel Platini could not do. Zizou, as he was called, surpassing Platini in every sense of the word he was the heartbeat of the team that summer. Though he was sent off against Saudi Arabia but he did not look back after that, Zidane crushed the much fancied Brazilians scoring his only 2 goals of the tournament in the Final. The Algerian born football superstar had won the World Cup, Won hearts of millions and had united one of the most racist countries of that time by his four weeks of genius.

8. Jairzinho – Brazil – Mexico 1970

Jairzinho Best worldcup performances Jairzinho is the only man who has scored in every match of a full World Cup tournament. Alcides Ghiggia and Just Fontaine being the other 2 who played with 13 and 16 teams respectively. He scored, Brazil won, enough said.

7. Bruno Conti – Italy – Spain 1982

Bruno-Conti-Best-World-Cup-performances Many call the 1982 Italian team to be the most undeserving champions ever. Though the winger scored only 1 goal but was instrumental in almost all the goals that Italy scored in this cup. Brazilians were the hot favorites for the 1982 tournament but after their 3-2 defeat to Italy the Brazilian playmaker Zico said ‘We were playing against 10 Italians out there today, but one of our own.’ Conti was that one.

6. Pele – Brazil – Mexico 1970

Pelé best Best World Cup performances The 1970 Brazilian team was brilliantly creative, a mesmerizing team who till date are known as the best TEAM to win the World Cup in history. The passing was dead accurate; movement was beyond comparison and the intensions clear for all to see. All this though was personified by and around one man. The one we know as the greatest footballer ever. Tarcisio Burgnich, the Italian defender marking Pele in the final, had one sentence to clear everyones doubt about the greatness of Pele “I told myself before the game, he’s made of skin and bones just like everyone else—but I was wrong.”

5. Pele – Brazil – Sweden 1958

pele 1958 best world cup football performance 17 year old fresh face shook the world in Sweden; the start of Pele’s career was as iconic as every other moment of his on the field. He lead the Brazilian side to their first ever world cup victory and with that the football Gods knew they are set to be replaced. Everyone knew he was the next big thing; how big, that no one could judge.

4. Johann Cruyff – Holland – West Germany 1974

Johan Cruyff Best Worldcup performances Johann Cruyff was not a footballer he was a magician hanging with a bunch of footballers, one of the greatest European players of all time. In 1974, Holland revolutionized football and the one man who did it for them was Cruyff the heart of an extraordinary team. Cruyff believed and said, “Simple football is the most beautiful but simple football is also the hardest way to play.”

3. Just Fontaine – France – Sweden 1958

just-fontaine best world cup performances 13 World Cup goals. Two Hat tricks. One Tournament. One World Cup Legend. You do the math.

2. Diego Maradona – Argentina – Mexico 1986

Maradona best world cup football performances The 1986 Argentinian World Cup side was largely expected to crash miserably. The critics were convinced that having Maradona in the team is a great boost but even he could not win a World Cup on his own. Were they wrong? Hell Yes, for Maradona had set up a a performance nobody could have imagined. Maradona, “singlehandedly,” destroyed the much fancied team from West Germany and England and lead Argentina to their second Cup in three Tournaments. His second goal against England in the quarterfinal was voted as the Goal of The Century, and that goal is a summary of what Maradona did that summer.

1. Ronaldo – Brazil – Japan and South Korea 2002

Ronaldo Best fifa worldcup performances There was a lot on stake and a lot on Ronaldo’s mind coming into the 2002 World Cup. He had an amazing 1998 World Cup campaign with a forgetful final against the Hosts where he looked a shadow of himself. Fast forward 4 years: He was struggling to get fit, recovering from two serious knee injuries meant it was a tough call to even keep him in the final team let alone play for his Nation in the World Cup. When Brazil’s campaign finally started against Turkey, Ronaldo had not scored a goal for his country in 1,000 days, but the goal in the 50th minute seemed like start of a snowball effect. Ronaldo scored five more goals to take the Brazilian team to final against Germany. Brazil won the final 2-0 and it seemed appropriate that he scored both the goals, erasing the horrors of 1998 World Cup final to claim Brazil’s fifth World Cup Trophy.   Feel free to share your favorite performance from any of the FIFA World Cups and do not forget to share it with your friends.

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