Struggles Only Live-In Couple Will Understand

Any relationship undergoes a transition when two people start living together. This is the case in marriage as also in live in relations. Below we list five relationship struggles which are very evident with couples when they start living in.


1. The Trust Factor

Until the time both of you are in a relation and meet each other often, it seems that trust is evident in the relationship. However, when you begin to live in together, this trust factor counts the most. You will also understand the relevance of trust only when you live in together. At times, this trust in each other starts to dwindle and it is only then that you will realize the relevance of trust in any relation.

2. Space

Every individual needs his or her space in the relation. When you start to live in, no matter how close you might have been in normal circumstances, you will need some individual space. In case, this space is not clearly evident in case when you begin to live in together, problems are bound to creep up. Understand that every individual needs his or her space and if you are ready to give the same, the relation is bound to flourish.

Live In Struggle

3. Commitment Towards Each Other

Commitment is also required in any relationship. This factor does not come into play in initial phase of any relation but when you are in a live in relation, commitment from both ends is needed. If one partner in a relation does not show this commitment, problems are bound to come up. This does happen in case of live in relation and when such a situation arises, you must have the vision to get over this problem.

4. Having Sex

Sex is an important binding factor in any relation. In marriage, the relevance and place of sex holds a different meaning but in any other relationship including live in, sex has a different perspective. It often converts into boredom in a live in relation also when both the partners are together most of the time. It is indeed a challenge to get over this boredom in sex and if one is able to move over the same, the relation is likely to develop and remain strong in the coming times.

Relationship struggles

5. Managing Finance Issues

Couples need to learn to manage finance issues in live in relations. When a partner does most of the earning, the other one has to realize the value of money and not spend the same irrationally. The ideal scenario would be when both the partners are earning equally and managing their finance independently. It could lead to struggle in case any imbalance on this aspect remains for a longer duration.

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