Smart Instagram Tips for a Budding Fashion Designer for Boosting His Clothing Line

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We know that more and more fashion designers who have created the biggest labels in the industry are sharing their designs and digital lives on this vibrant social media platform. But Instagram is also, the desired destination for the budding fashion designers as well, who are aspiring to find a firm footing in the fashion industry. Instagram is no longer regarded as just a photo-sharing app so it involves a lot more than just creating an attractive feed. Instagram is no longer a platform for sharing mindless selfies or pictures of delicious dishes, if you wish to cultivate a successful Instagram account establish a thriving community, understand that Instagram is now a robust marketing platform.

As a fashion designer, you could promote your brand and unique designs and enjoy your new found name and status provided you know to leverage this robust platform in the right manner. Follow the expert Instagram tips provided below. Use your unique online design portfolio and your knowledge of Instagram marketing as the effective tools for showcasing your talent, creative work, innovative and unique designs and present your fashion brand in a thoroughly professional manner. You could gain followers for specifically your clothing line, on this powerful social media platform simply by grabbing users’ attention. You need to define your precise target audience and follow the expert tips discussed below.

Start Posting High-Resolution Top Quality Pictures of Your Product

The idea basically is to display your product very much in real-life settings. You need to identify the best models for showcasing your unique designs. Click amazing pictures of your designs but amidst the right ambiance where the clothes would be complementing the environment. For instance, if you are creating fitness designer apparel, your pictures must include a super-fit model working out in a gym. You could buy real Instagram likes by contacting a reliable digital marketing agency.

Choose the Right Hashtags

Identify hashtags that complement your target audience and the fitness industry. You could use effective free Instagram analytics tools available online to know about the precise demographics of all your Instagram followers. These analytics apps would tell you if you are grabbing the attention of the right crowd.

Come up with a Compelling Content

A picture is not always that effective without the right words for reinforcing action. You must necessarily include certain action words such as tag a friend, double tap for driving more engagement to your Instagram posts.

Focus on Video Content

Stunning visuals leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of your followers. However, sometimes, pictures are not enough. You must try investing in a robust video strategy for covering Instagram Stories, Instagram video posts, and of course, Instagram Live. You must realise that if you want your fashion brand to be successful on this visual platform, you must focus on building a solid relationship with your customers, potential customers, and you’r followers. Videos could be the most effective way of cementing a bond between you and your numerous followers.

Consider Running a Contest

The purpose of running a contest is not just driving sales but boosting awareness and overall presence online of your clothing line. You wish to organise a contest for generating hype around your fashion brand and unique products and also, for boosting the chances of someone re-sharing your post with a friend.


If you wish to make a name in the highly competitive fashion industry, you have to master the art of designing clothes. It is essential for you to become a specialist in the fashion industry. You could start building influence by blogging, taking an active part in local events, or dedicating some time to a special cause. Always remember that Instagram is your social media marketing partner for taking your clothing line to the next level and helping your brand reach the pinnacles of glory.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is an experienced digital marketing strategist who specializes at helping new and budding to reach their marketing goals and business mission with a robust omnichannel approach.

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