Should WWE Be Considered A Sport?

When the heat of the moment catches up and John Cena or Randy Orton is at other’s throat, a question often strikes our mind, “Is WWE a real sport or a gimmick?” The answer is tricky and we will let you decide it for yourself as you read through the story.Is WWE a sport or entertainment

WWE As A Sport

WWE names its wrestling as “Sports Entertainment”. However, it has been done to sidestep or evade the complicate tax procedures which otherwise the State Athletic Commission will impose on it. Otherwise, it is considered to be a legitimate sport and should ideally get the same respect as others in league get or deserve.
The amount of blood and sweat that goes in preparing a WWE champion is same as may be the case in traditional sporting event as wrestling. The players here also sweat it out and even risk their lives to entertain the crowd which becomes hysterical at times.

WWE world wrestling entertainmentWWE As An Entertainment

Those who oppose the idea of WWE being a regular sporting event point out that the wrestlers in WWE look and behave like an overgrown child and at no time display the sincerity or maturity which is a key sign of a professional wrestler.
Those who oppose the idea of WWE being a real sport also advocate the thought that this is a sports entertainment concept and should ideally be viewed as same. It however does require the skill and fitness which only a wrestler can display. However, those who oppose the idea of it being a sporting event also put forth their view point that WWE involves rehearsed moves and is like a choreography which is carefully scripted.

Should The WWE Be Considered A SportThey say that if you wish to see or be a part of real sport, you should watch a boxing match. WWE is more of an entertainment and should be viewed as such only. The conflict among these two ideas meanwhile continues and The Undertaker is somewhere preparing silently for his next round of match unaware of the fact that people are debating the thought of WWE being a real sport or an entertainment concept which has hooked millions to their television sets.

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