Top 10 Free Mp3 Download Sites List

We all know that the Internet has become one of the best places to download top mp 3songs, music tunes, mp3 music, videos or even movies and much more. But sometimes, It becomes very hard to find the legit and good resource to download free mp3, because of lots of advertisements appearing on the site or confusing download links, etc.

In this collection, we’ll provide you some of the most popular and Top 10 Free Mp3 Download Sites List. you can download or “stream” music using these websites.

There are a lot of music services available online I.E – iTunes, Napster, Google Play or AmazonMP3 and we are used to of iTunes and amazonMP3 because these are the most popular platform to download any kind of music’s mp3 files and mp3 music apps.

Top 10 Free MP3 Music Download Sites List

In this List, you will find some really good and most popular sites to download free mp3 songs. All websites listed here are rated on the basis of its Alexa rank, design, quality of media files, updation period, and site popularity. Some of these websites also offer download manager to get music files.

We all love music and in fact, it’s one of the best parts of everyone’s life. Music lovers are increasing daily from every corner of the world, but almost most of them get frustrated while finding mp3 files because of no proper links to download mp3 files, Confusing and multiple download links on numerous places on the page and they appear because of Advertisements. But, you don’t need to waste your money or time on buying mp3 songs from those fake sites.

We bring you the solution with our free mp3 music download sites list. These mp3 sites are completely legitimate. They provide downloading songs from a wide variety of genres and time periods. So finally,

No. 10-5 Free Mp3 Download Sites

10. Ganna


Ganna is one of the most famous and undoubtedly the best Free MP3 Download Site for Indian music. This is one of the biggest mp3 download sites providing old classics to new ones. They have a huge collection of high-quality mp3.

They most probably have the largest collection of Bollywood Hindi songs. All the songs are really very high quality. Choosing the songs is very easy because of the alphabetical offer (A-Z) of MP3 songs.

9. Mp3Skull 

mp3akull download free mp3

Mp3Skull is, in fact, an online music player and music downloader, also known for its huge collection of songs and its powerful song search, all you need to do is to type in a certain song in the search box and a list of music resources will be presented after clicking search. It is up to you to which link will you open.

Every song listed in results can be downloaded or played. While the interface is awesome and one of the greatest strengths of MP3 Skull. It is marvelous and easy to navigate, and we must say that MP3 Skull gives the almost exact content that you are looking for. That’s why we’ve placed it at No 9 when discussing the best free mp3 download sites.

8. Mp3jam:

mp3jam download free mp3 th

Mp3jam is one of the best sites that provide Legal Music Download, all music tracks are all legal and available for free download. It does not use torrents, any kind of p2p algorithm or pirate sites to provide mp3 music. While you may need to download its software which is a very safe and practical way to have some legal music.

Mp3jam does not require any kind of registration and provides access to its a huge collection of over 20 Million songs, which is really remarkable.
Using mp3jam’s smart music search can find any song, album, and artist with almost 99% accuracy which is also a major factor of mp3jam. Mp3jam severs gives you high-speed download for high-quality music.

Also, you can find artis and music by genres with the ability to share it on social networks. Along with these features, it has 100% right to stand on No 8 in our free mp3 music download sites list.


free mp3 dwonload site from mp3dotcom

This is one more site like Napster or Audiogalaxy. Where you can download free mp3’s. All the music gave there are mostly from the bands or artist who are not signed with any record company or studio, so the downloading free mp3 from this site is not illegal. Sometimes, it seems the strength of and sometimes it stands as a weak point of this site.

Because, by this means, there are not any major brands, bands, artist’s or groups on this site that you can download. This makes it extremely difficult at times, to find the song or bands that you want to download. Fortunately, some of the artists put into their charts which makes it easier to find.
These charts or lists are determined by how many people have downloaded the songs and this shows the popularity of the song. Once you find your desired song, you can download it, also you can choose to buy the whole CD album directly from the artist, which is very cheaper than most CD’s available from the shops.

You can also download its a software to play the mp3’s you have downloaded This is a very good site and much better than Napster or any other sites like it. But, If you want free MP3 music, it is not well known for that and this is most probably not for you. But after analyzing some major factors about free mp3 download sites, we decided to put it on No-7. Why? LOL…, after all, it is MP3.Com.


best free mp3 download sites last fm is famous for its great music collection. you can find a section with free music downloads. It has a lot of genres that you’ll see in the left column. Choose a genre and check what tracks you can get. When you find something great, you need to only click a blue Free Download button to get this song download onto your PC.

If you are interested in song lyrics they are also available almost for any mp3’s. This is the biggest feature of and that’s why it stands for No-6 in our list.

listen free music online with lyrics free mp3 download with lyrics

So, what could be better than listening to music with lyrics? If you are a true music lover, then the is surely for you.

Top 5 Free Mp3 Music Download Sites

5. MP3Juices

mp3juices best free mp3 download site no5 download listen music mp3 online

MP3Juices is also a great website for MP3 downloads. It is a new generation MP3 download site. All you need to do is, just enter the song name in the search its spiders will search the net and represent the available options.

Now you can download, play, share or even embed and download from YouTube and Metacafe. And with these smart spider systems and features, Mp3juices is on No-5 in our free mp3 download sites listing.

4. Radio:

listen music online radio dot com online radio

Radio is a good legal website to listen to online music, this provides a number of features (charts, articles, live music shows, podcasts, and listen by genre and listen by location). has a blog comment hosting service “discuss” where users can talk about own interests and share the views. The best quality of is to provide music by different locations, and because of this music by location service, it is on No-4 in our listing.

3. Jamendo:

listen free music online jamendo music downloads

Jamendo is one more outstanding and huge music website also an open community of independent artists and music lovers around the world. This is the best site to listen to the top songs of the day. It provides very fast access to all mp3 music whether you want to listen or download to your mobile/ laptop/tablets or PC.

Having more than 3 million songs available and all are completely free and 100% legal. You can also view recently added mp3 music, mp3 archives, song charts, ringtones, etc. If you are a singer, you can publish your songs on Jamendo. Its Site search technology very strong, you can search for songs by genres, instruments, artists, and locations. And all of these features compelled us to keep it on No-3 in our Top 10’s.

2. Free Music Archive

free music archives free music downloads mp3 free download

Free music archive has a huge source of free music, where you can find a lot of useful data concerning hot music release to old classics. A lot of modern popular music is waiting for you to enjoy it. If you want to download a specific song, artist there are a variety of filters available to search for music by genres.

It has an interactive library of all legal high-quality audio downloads. The Free Music Archive has been proved one of the largest resources for podcasters, listeners, and producers, remix artists, and more. All of the audio has been hand-picked by established audio curators.

1. YouTube: 

How to download from youtube downloading from youtube using firefox add one

WOW! Yes, this giant has broken all the records and undoubtedly, it is NO.1 on the list. And defining the features etc about YouTube will be a foolish work. Because maybe there is no one on the earth who likes music and doesn’t know about YouTube! You may be surprised because this top 10 list is strictly dedicated for free Mp3 downloads and while most of us are used to watch videos on YouTube. So, how it connects? Hmmm here it is:

free mp3 video download from youtube youtube downloader

First, you should need to work a bit because a variety of YouTube is unlimited, you can’t easily imagine any song which you cannot find on YouTube, and everything is there and you are a music lover then why not to work a bit to make YouTube become your best music friend forever? How? Take a look at the picture below!

If you have Firefox Browser then half is already done. Just visit Mozilla Website and click add to Firefox button, as shown above, within few seconds you will get a popup notification here click on install and as you click to install a clean and safest add-one to your browser. The plugin is provided by Mozilla itself so you can trust it. No ads or malware are there.

Bingo! all done! Now you can enjoy it for a lifetime. One, Sec… did we forgot something? Oh, yes we didn’t mention how to Download Free Mp3 using the above process? Here is the answer:

Just visit YouTube after restarting your browser when the add one has bees installed. Search your desired one and go for it. Below is the playback area, you’ll see a button is appearing (Download As), now just click on that and choose MP3 format. It will start to download the current video in MP3 format. You can also use its other options if you want to download a video in a particular format.

Here, is the link of other YouTube download clients for other browsers too! You can check it out and choose according to your needs! We have not tested them but they are the most common and known YouTube download clients.

So that was the list of  Free Mp3 Download Sites. While Some may agree or some not but we have tried to provide the best content over the subject. If you have any suggestions to improve this list please leave your opinion in the comment section. So now it’s your turn to choose the best site to download mp3 songs online.

Now, nothing is left more because you know how to download from YouTube and this ends all the conversations about which are the best and free mp3 download sites. You now know that and able to use it. And it’s time to browse more on our site or try the above sites list. But, before you go we must say thank you for reading this list and if you find this list useful. Please share it with other music lovers like you.

I hope you had a nice read. Feel free to share your experience on any of these blogs, and we would be happy to discuss, please leave comments about your thoughts that will help us to improve.

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