Most Popular Locations to Celebrate Christmas

With Christmas just being around the corner, the festival fever is catching up. And here we are gathering what you could do this year to celebrate Christmas. If you are looking for spending some worthy time off with family and friends this festival season, the below listed unique locations will make your Christmas memorable.

10. San Juan, Puerto Rico

Festivities begin early in San Juan in December and go upto Three Kings Day that falls on January 6th. The Big Feast on Christmas Eve is worth participating in as is the Midnight Mass.

Puerto Rico

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9. Tokyo, Japan

Christmas Eve is a big occasion in Tokyo and the festivities are much alike they are on the Valentine Day. If you wish to feast the way Japanese do on this day try having some fried chicken along with some sponge cake that has strawberries as toppings.

Visitors walk through Christmas illuminations at a Tokyo park, Japan


8. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich seems unique on Christmas as you will find guided Christmas themed strolls in the city. Youngsters mostly locals can also be seen singing Christmas carols on this day.

zurich, switzerland

7. Nuremberg, Germany

Those of you who love buying presents should head to Nuremberg this Christmas as you will come across stalls of candles, sweets and trinkets in this town. The shopping will never seem boring here and you will want to come here over the years.

Nuremberg, Germany

6. Dublin, Ireland

The 12 day Christmas market in Dublin isa big pull off. You can buy Christmas lights or try ice skating. The carol at St. Patrick’s Cathedral is also unique.

Bondi Beach, Australia

5. The Vatican, Italy

The Vatican City is the most holy place to be on Christmas Eve. You can head to the Midnight Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica after trying the roasted chestnuts that you will find throughout the city.

Vatican, Italy

4. Bondi Beach, Australia

The festival season is at its peak on Bondi Beach in Australia on Christmas day. Bands and DJs perform and the atmosphere is truly electrifying.

Bondi Beach, Australia


3. New York, United States

The world’s tallest Christmas tree is lit up in New York City during Christmas. You can either go window shopping or opt for a Ballet performance that goes on in numerous theatres during the festive season.

New York, United States


2. Santa Claus Village, Finland

The reindeer dotted forest areas of Santa Claus Village become lively on Christmas Eve. You might even jump into Santa on any corner of this village which lies in remote North in Finland’s Arctic region.

Santa Claus Village

1. Bethlehem, West Bank

This would be most holy place for you to visit this Christmas considering the fact that Bethlehem is birthplace of Jesus Christ. You can join the Midnight Mass service at St. Catherine’s Church.

Bethlehem, West Bank

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