Most Intelligent Dog Species

Most intelligent Dog breed - Rottweiler

When asked the question “What type of dog do you want?” a lot of people reply “an intelligent dog” so we decided to compile a list of 10 dogs which are believed to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. The fact that dog is an intelligent species is not a secret; their ability to learn and understand commands itself proves this. The intelligence of dogs is measured on the basis of their trainability, how often they obey an order in first command, how adaptive they are as well as how good they are in the task that they are bred for, these tasks may include guarding, herding, being a companion etc. According to Stanley Coren’s, a psychology professor, research following is the list of the most intelligent dog species.

1. Border Collie
Most intelligent Dog breed - Border-Collie

Border collie, a herding breed, is extremely energetic and mostly the top performers in dog sport events. They were developed around the English-Scottish border to herd sheep. The males range from 14-20 Kg in weight and 48-56 cm in height while the female border collies grows from around 46-53 cm and a full grown female would ideally weigh between 12-19 kg. They generally live for 13-16 years but there are a lot of dogs from this breed which go longer. They are one of the most obedient dogs and obey almost 95% of commands in a single go.

2. PoodleMost intelligent Dog breed - Poodle

Poodle is also a common choice as show dogs as not only are they intelligent and good at sports but also have a very cute appearance. The height may range from 24 cm to 60 cm depending the type of poodle (Grande, Moyen, Dwarf, Toy). They have single layer coat unlike most breeds.

3. German ShepherdMost intelligent Dog breed - German-Shepherd

German shepherd, as the name suggests, originated in Germany in 1899 and are a relatively new breed. Their intelligence and alertness is proven by the fact that they are a common choice for search and rescue operations by police and military. They range from 60-65 cm and 30-40 kg in males while females are between 55-60 cm and 23-33kg. Their intelligence, strength and obedience are exceptional and that’s why they have become a common choice as a household dog around the world.

4. Golden RetrieverMost intelligent Dog breed - Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers take basic training fairly easily and can generally learn around 200 commands and thus are an ideal companion whether it be home or hunting. They have ability to retrieve shot waterfowl and birds without any damage and thus got the name retriever. They are also a common choice as search and rescue dog. A full grown male retriever can grow up to 58-61 cm and would weigh 29-34 kg while a female would grow up to 55-57 cm and weigh between 27 to 32 kg.

5. Doberman PinscherMost intelligent Dog breed - Dobermann Pinscher

Doberman pinscher is commonly known as Doberman in many countries is an excellent guard dog. They are known for their high speed and stamina. They are one of the easiest to train. A Doberman can grow to be 34-45 kg in weight with the tallest one touching 72 cm in males and 68 in females with 27 to 41 kg weight.

6. Shetland SheepdogMost intelligent Dog breed - Shetland-Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog, Sheltie, are very energetic and very hard working dogs. They are a small dog with a height of around 25-33 cm in both male and female and weight range of about 7 to 9 kg. they are from Collie family and are also referred to as miniature collie. They are very play full and always willing to please their owners.

7. Labrador Retriever Most intelligent Dog breed - Labrador-Retriever

Also known as Labrador or Lab is another member from the family of golden retriever which features on this list. They are known to work with law enforcement agencies for detection work. They are also known as therapy dogs as they are trained to assist autistic and blind people. They are most popular breed in United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada and Australia. Their Height and weight for males range in 56-63 cm and 27-40 kg while in females it ranges from 54-60 cm and 27-35 kg.

8. PapillonMost intelligent Dog breed - Papillon1

Papillon is French for butterfly and thus this breed got this name because of its appearance made by long hair on the ears; it is also sometimes called Squirrel dog because of its tail. They are a small dog breed with their weight ranging from 3.5 to 4.5 Kg for a full grown male of height 20-28 cm and 3.2 to 4.1 Kg for females of same height. They are also known as toy species and perform exceptionally well in dog shows and are excellent in playful activities like agility jump and jumping through rings.

9. RottweilerMost intelligent Dog breed - Rottweiler

Rottweiler is a large breed and is a very heavy one. They used to be used for herding which has reduced significantly over the years. They are an excellent choice as guardian as they are very alert and loyal and have an instinct of saving their family. They are not very friendly with strangers, but if they are properly trained and are introduced properly to the new members, they can be obedient. Rottweiler is a heavy breed with their weight ranging between 50 to 60 kg for a fully grown male and 35 to 48 kg for a female. The height of a male Rottweiler is about 61 to 69 cm and that of females range in 56 to 63 cm.

10. Australian Cattle DogMost intelligent Dog breed - Australian Cattle Dog

As the name suggests, Australian cattle dog were first bred in Australia for herding cattle. They are midsized dogs with brown or black hair coated in a way that they appear to be red or blue and thus are also called red heeler or blue heeler according to their color while the word heeler comes because in order to make cattle run faster they nip them on their heels. The ideal height for a male Australian cattle dog is 46 to 51 cm and for females it ranges from 43 to 48 cm while their weight is in the range if 15-22 kg for both the genders.

It is considered that Rico, a Border Collie from Germany is one of the most intelligent dog ever and it has been confirmed by scientific tests that Rico had a 200 word vocabulary and could build a hypothesis about a word he hears for the first time, like a 3 year old human child. Rico is not the only dog who understands vocabulary, the dog of first Lord Avebury was a literate dog as well who could read many words including food, water, tea, bone, out etc. and use to choose the right card out of a bundle whenever he wanted something.

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