10 Most Haunted Hotels In The World

Haunted hotels - Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Canada)

Those who love to travel love to explore haunted places and what could be better than explore most haunted places in the world. From scary shrieks to shadowy appearances, people across the world have reported incidents from all over the world from different hotels which make a trip to any of these an unforgettable experience.

Below are listed some of these hotels which rank as most haunted hotels across the globe.

10. The Langham (London)

Haunted hotels - The Langham (London)

The room 333 of Langham is famous for citing of a man who hangs out in his Victorian evening wear. However, the strange fact is that he is seen only during the month of October. A man dressed in military uniform also makes his appearance at times but is seen only in the basement.

9. Hotel Chelsea (New York)

Haunted hotels - Hotel Chelsea (New York)

Hotel Chelsea was built between 1883 and 1885 and is famed for different ghost citing. Barrist Sid Vicious shot his girlfriend in the hotel and later reportedly died of heroin overdose. Similarly, poet Dylan Thomas went into a coma here and died later. Their ghosts have reportedly been cited numerous times in the hotel by guests.

8. Talbot Hotel (England)

Haunted hotels - Talbot Hotel (England)

Talbot hotel was originally Fotheringay Castle, a place where Mary, the queen of Scots was tried and then beheaded. Though Mary has been dead for over four hundred years, her ghost has been seen moving through the castle. A portrait of her has also seen to have leaped from the wall numerous times.

7. Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia (Italy)

Haunted hotels - Hotel Castello Della Castelluccia (Italy)

Castello Della Castelluccia is a renovated castle in Rome from the 11th century and has seen a fair share of bloody events. It is known to be haunted by three ghosts including that of Emperor Nero who is known to wander through the gardens here.

6. Akasaka Weekly Mansion (Japan)

Haunted hotels - Akasaka Weekly Mansion (Japan)

Akasaka Weekly Mansion is perhaps the most haunted hotel in Tokyo. Guests here have reported ghost mist and disembodied hands touching them while they were asleep.

5. Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Canada)

Haunted hotels - Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel (Canada)

Though the management of Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel denies any spirit presence, guests of this hotel located in the wilderness have reportedly seen the spirit of a young married girl who accidentally died in the hotel. An elderly bellhop Sam McAuley was so attached to the hotel that even after he passed away, some people have seen him working here.

4. Russell Hotel (Australia)

Haunted hotels - Russell Hotel (Australia)

Russell hotel in Sydney served as a hospital during an outbreak of smallpox and plague in early days and many patients died here. Some of the patients, however, did not leave the hotel, it so seems. Guests in room 8 of Russell Hotel have reportedly noticed a dark shadow looming over their bed.

3. Grand Hyatt Hotel (Taiwan)

Haunted hotels - Grand Hyatt Hotel (Taiwan)

Grand Hyatt in Taipei is reportedly built on a land which was Japanese execution ground during World War-II. Numerous paranormal activities have occurred here. Action star Jackie Chan reportedly had to run out of his room in the middle of the night after he encountered a ghost here. Even though hotel management has tried different means of appeasing the ghosts, it seems things are the same, even now.

2. Ballygally Castle Hotel (Ireland)

Haunted hotels - Ballygally Castle Hotel (Ireland)

Ballygally Castle built in 1625 in Northern Ireland has its fair share of controversies. Guests have reported knocking at odd hours on their doors to find no one when the doors were opened. A mischievous laughter of Madame Nixon is also heard throughout the hotel sometimes.

1. Le Pavilion Hotel (United States)

Haunted hotels - La Pavilion Hotel (United States)

Le Pavilion in New Orleans is perhaps the most haunted hotel as reportedly five spirits are present here. The most famous of these is of a teenage girl who was killed by a runaway carriage. She is known to bump into people in the lobby, claims to be lost and then suddenly disappears.

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