Insane Luxury in Dubai!

Insane Luxury in Dubai!

We all know that Dubai is a filthy rich place. Luxuries for us are affordable everyday things for them. So what is Luxury for them, lets check out:

Jacuzzi in the clouds!Insane Luxury in Dubai! Because regular Play Station is not good enough?Insane Luxury in Dubai! Urinals with touchscreen!Insane Luxury in Dubai! Time for some tooth repair, how is gold for those caps!Insane Luxury in Dubai! I can live in that taxi, forever!Insane Luxury in Dubai!But taxi is not the favorite mode of commute!
Insane Luxury in Dubai! You know of aquariums in rooms! Check this room in an aquarium, well almost!Insane Luxury in Dubai! And that is what the police will be chasing you in!Insane Luxury in Dubai!Guess what costed more, the car or the number plate!
Insane Luxury in Dubai! And one more thing made of Gold!Insane Luxury in Dubai! But what if I want a brick of gold! 350 pounds are right here, in a shops window!Insane Luxury in Dubai! This cat wants some attention.Insane Luxury in Dubai! And this one is getting some!Insane Luxury in Dubai!

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