Fun Facts About Popcorn! #5 Is So Funny, No Offence!

Popcorn facts

Popcorn, as per general belief, is probably the lightest snack and its a perfect partner for many to the movies. Here are some totally useless but amazing facts about popcorns that you did not know.

Popcorn facts1. Zea mays everta(scientific name of popcorn) is the only variety of corn that pops.

2. How many years does popcon date back to? 100, 500, 1000? Nope! In 1948, 5000 year old popp were discovered from some caves of New Mexico. Thats like more than 3000 B.C.

3. It is believed that Popcorns were brought to the colonists  by the Wampanoag Native American tribe for the first Thanksgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

4. Native American tribes used to flavor their popcorns with spices and dried herbs, including chili. They also used to make different dishes with popcorn like soup and beer and popcorn was also a part of their fashion where they used it as corsages and headdresses.

unpopped popcorn kernels

Unpopped popcorn kernels were believed to have spirits residing in them.

5. Some tribes of Native America used to believe that each kernel of popcorn had a spirit living inside it. This spirits would continue to rest in the kernel and usually they will not bother humans, but when their homes(kernels) were heated, they started jumping around thus the kernels jump on heating, and once they get very angry they eventually burst out with a pop.

6. Christopher Columbus introduced the Europeans  to popcorn in the late 15th century.

7. Charles Cretors from Chicago invented commercial popcorn machine in 1885. The business he started makes other specialty equipments along with manufacturing of popcorn machines.

8. American vendors initially began to sell popcorn in late 19th century at carnivals. When they started selling the same outside movie theaters, owners of the theater were initially annoyed as they feared that popcorn would distract the movie goers. But after a few years in 1912 they realized that serving popcorn inside movie theaters was a nice way to increase revenues.

9. Today, most of the movie theaters make a more profit from the sale of popcorn as compared to tickets as in popcorns 90%  is pure profit and it also makes people thirsty so they become more likely to buy something to drink.

10.Why do popcorns pop? Popcorn is the only grain which has a hard non water-permeable shell. Each kernel of popcorn contains a some amount of moisture which upon heating turns into steam. Since this steam cannot escape the shell pressure builds up and the kernel explodes turning inside out.

11. Generally a kernel pops when its temperature reaches 175 degrees Celsius(347 degrees Fahrenheit).

Popcorns types Mushroom and Snowflake

Mushroom and Snowflake the two most common popcorn shapes

12. The kernels which remain unpopped are called “spinsters” or “old maids.”  A kernel might not pop if either they do not contain enough moisture or if their outer shell(the hull) is damaged and cannot retain steam. Good popcorn produces 2 percent or less old maids.

13. Popcorn is naturally has high fiber content along with being low in calories. Also its sodium-, fat-, and sugar-free.

14. America alone consume 17 billion quarts popcorn each year, and we are only talking about popped ones, the ones used otherwise are separate. That’s can fill a building that is 18 times the size of Empire State Building!

15. The two basic shapes available for Popped popcorn are snowflake and mushroom. The ones we get in movie theaters are mostly snowflake because they are bigger in size. While confections prefer to use mushroom because they do not crumble easily.

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