Did You Know These Crazy Facts About Tom Cruise?

Tom Cruise is a popular Hollywood actor. You must have seen his impeccable acting skills in Mission Impossible and many other movies. However, acting was never on his mind until he became a star.

Tom Cruise, facts about Tom Cruise

Below we list some of these crazy facts about Tom Cruise which you might not know.

10. A Wrestler in the making

Wrestling was always on his mind and Tom was a member of wrestling team in high school. He aspired to be a wrestler and it was only due to a knee injury that he had to leave wrestling and instead chose acting as a career.

9. A real life hero

Tom can be considered as a real life hero too as he chased away a thief in 1998 along with his bodyguards and saved a lady who was in distress.

8. Does his stunts himself

Tom Cruise is a real action hero. He prefers to do his action scenes himself without the help of a body double. He did all his stunts in the movie Edge of Tomorrow without using a body double.

7. Tom Cruise wore braces

To straighten his teeth, Tom Cruise wore braces in 2002. However, he removed these during shooting of his movies.

6. Tom Cruise day in Japan

Japan is the only country to celebrate a day after any Hollywood personality. October 10th has been officially recognized as Tom Cruise Day in Japan since 2006. This has been done in his honor since he is the only Hollywood actor who has visited Japan more than any other Hollywood actor.

5. Suffered from Dyslexia

Tom Cruise also suffered from Dyslexia at one point. It was when he joined the Church of Scientology and did some study courses the problem got cured.

4. Helped people in distress

In 1996 when a woman got hit by a car not only did he take her to the hospital but also paid for her bill of $7000 when he came to know that she did not have any insurance.

3. He did odd jobs

Life was not always easy for Tom Cruise. Before making big in Hollywood, he tried hands at many odd jobs including being employed as a porter and also cleaned tables.

2. Missed the High School Graduation ceremony

Tom Cruise displayed professionalism from the early days of his career. He missed his High School Graduation ceremony just because he was acting for a Godspell Production.

1. Wanted to be a priest initially

He wanted to be a priest initially and also attended Franciscan Seminary in Cincinnati.

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