Dating Has Changed Over The Period, Here’s Why

Dating your fiancée is one of the most memorable moments which you remember, even decades later. However, times have changed and so have the rules of dating. Earlier it was a daunting task to find the perfect romantic restaurant and even tougher were the rules of the game when it came to that first perfect kiss.

Dating has changed ever since and to the old lot, the new generation might seem as people from some other planet when it comes to dating. The Internet has had a daunting effect on our lives and a reflection of the same can be seen in the ways the new generation connects with each other.

With online apps like Tinder and Bumble hitting the block, dating has never been the same.

  • Online dating is no longer considered awkward

If you are among those who grew up in the 80s or 90s, online connecting with each other would be a relatively new concept for you. Online dating is considered a sort of necessity and a lot of young couples connect via this medium. This has changed the rules considerably and youngsters find their perfect match, even if they are miles apart, a distinct possibility in the earlier days.

  • Apps have played a vital role

This change in the scenario has become more acceptable and popular due to the presence of different apps. and Tinder have added fuel to the fire and a large chunk of the young population identifies with these mediums to connect to their loved ones.

  • Today’s lovers meet at dating location

In earlier days, the girls used to wait nervously at their homes for that doorbell to ring so that they could catch a glimpse of the guy they were to spend their life with. Today, these rules have changed and you might find the girl you are dating waiting for you at the dating location. The person you are dating might be waiting for you at a bar instead!

  • Texting helps cement the relationships these days

Technology has certainly played a vital role in changing the game plan when it comes to dating. Earlier letters used to be the medium of communication and the endless wait for the same added much elegance to the relationship. This has changed a lot now and texting via cellphone or through social media apps like WhatsApp has led to an instant connection.

Online dating

  • Sex before marriage has become more acceptable

General Social Survey hints that premarital sex was only around 29 percent in the 1970s. This number skyrocketed to 58 percent by 2012 which shows a drastic shift in the perception that today’s generation has on dating.

  • People moving in before marriage has drastically increased

Living in has become the order of the day and a large number of couples begin living in together even when they are seeing each other. This is a big change from the earlier days when thinking of even spending a night at your perspective partners home would send heads turning around.

Dating has certainly changed over time and the rules of the game have been modified to suit the fast-paced life of today’s generation. It might be the need of the hour though people from all generations need to accept this reality with an open heart so that our world becomes a loveable place to live and prosper.

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