Cool Hidden Features Of iPhone You Must Know

Reveal Timestamp hidden features of iPhone

Your iPhone has some cool hidden features and it can do some pretty amazing things that you probably aren’t aware of. Here’s a list of some of the features.

1. Shake to undo

Shake to Undo - Hidden features of iPhone

Must have made mistakes while editing a picture or typing! Now shake your phone a little, and your phone will ask you if you wish to undo the action.

2. Battery charges faster by switching your phone to air-plane mode

Charge faster hidden features of iPhone

Switch your iPhone to air-plane mode recharges your phone in double time as it stops battery drainage through cellular and wireless access.

3. Let Siri read your emails for you

Read emails hidden features of iPhone

The three magic words “Read my email” Yes say it to Siri and she will read your email messages aloud. You can even tell her to read only the most recent email by saying “Read my latest email” or you can ask her to find and read new emails from a specific contact “Do I have email from Jack?”.

4. And you can check which planes are flying above you

Plane flying over hidden features of iPhone

Ask the direct question: “What flights are above me?” Or just say, “Planes overhead.” And she will bring a list of planes that are flying somewhere above you at that moment. Don’t ask me why would you need that, I have no idea, but it is something pretty cool.

5. You can teach Siri pronunciation of words

Teach Siri hidden features of iphone

At times you feel Siri is pretty smart but your iPhone gives you option of feeling smarter that smarter than Siri. If she mispronounces something, you can bluntly tell her, “That’s not how you pronounce” and she’ll be bound to offer you alternative to select the best one.

6. Scroll through music and videos at slower speeds

Scrub at slower speed hidden features of iPhone

This one is pretty useful. When you are scrolling, “scrubing” in apples terminology, through a song or a movie, it is high-speed scrolling mode by default. This at times makes it hard to find the moment you are looking for. But iPhone actually gives control over the rate at which you “Scrub”. Just hold or tap the “playhead” that is the dot in the scrollbar of the video playing screen and slide your finger straight down, choose the scrolling speed to eighth-speed, quarter-speed, half-speed as you desire and move your finger right or left (without lifting) to scroll.

7. Volume buttons into Camera buttons

Volume keys Hidden features of iPhone

It’s cold you are wearing gloves and it is a perfect moment to click a picture or maybe you are in mountains with gloves on or your fingers have oil on them and it is to click a picture by touching the capture button. Not an issue, you can use volume up or volume down button to click a picture.

8. Text messages have timestamps.

Reveal Timestamp hidden features of iPhone
Dragging the text bubble to left will show you timestamps for all the text messages. Among other uses of this feature, you can also see how much time have you wasted texting.

9. iPhone is a leveliPhone is a level hidden features of iPhone


Ever had a need to check if the painting you just hung is levelled? Swipe left in Compass app and you have a perfect level.

10. Make your iPhone speak selected text

Speak selection hidden features of iPhone

Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak Selection and turn it on. Select any text and you can now see a speak button which will read the selected text out loud in the accent and speed of your wish. Do not try this if you have some important tasks at hand or do not blame me, I am warning you will waste a couple of hours with this.

11. Add web suffixes with a single tap

add suffixes - hidden features of iPhone

I wish I had known this sooner, would have helped my lazy nature a lot. While typing in a web address, hold the “.” button, a list of web suffixes (.com, .edu, .net etc.) will pop up.

12. Quick access your email drafts

Quick access to email drafts - hidden features of iPhone
A very few people know this feature. While using your Mail, just hold the Compose icon and that is the shortcut to the list of drafts. I use it all the time.

13. Create custom keyboard shortcuts

Create Shortcuts Cool hidden features of iPhone
In the general settings Go to Keyboard > Shortcuts and click “Add New Shortcut”. Enter the phrase or word for which you need a shortcut and then add the shortcut. And now just by typing “GN” you can write “Good Night Take Care” or just type “omg” for “Oh My Gosh!”.

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