Top 8 Coldest Places On Earth 2020

The World is full of unique places. On one hand, there are hottest places with temperatures running so high that one can not imagine visiting the place and on the other hand there are places cold enough to see the floor frozen throughout the year. Here we have listed the coldest places on earth.

Top 8 Coldest Places On Earth 2020

1. Vostok (Antarctica)

Coldest places on Earth - Vostok (Antarctica)

This is a Russian Antarctic research station. It is located at the extreme southern pole. The coldest month of the year at this station is August. During this month the lowest temperature recorded here was -89.2 degree Celsius or -128.6-degree Fahrenheit.

2. Plateau Station (Antarctica)

Coldest places on Earth - Plateau Station (Antarctica)

Plateau Station is the second coldest place after Vostok. This is an inactive American research station in the Central American plateau. The coldest month here is July and temperature falls to a low of -119.2 degree on the Fahrenheit scale.

3. Oymyakon (Russia)

Coldest places on Earth - Oymyakon (Russia)

Oymyakon is known for its extreme subarctic climate. A unique fact about this place is that the ground is permanently frozen at this place. Russian scientist Sergey Obrychev recorded the lowest temperature of -71.2 degree Celsius or -96.2-degree Fahrenheit here in the year 1924 at the Oymyakon’s weather station.

Incidentally, it is also the lowest recorded temperature at a place that is permanently inhabited.

4. Verkhoyansk (Russia)

Coldest places on Earth - Verkhoyansk (Russia)

Verkhoyansk is also known for its extremely low temperatures. It also has the maximum temperature difference for any place during summers and winters. The lowest temperature recorded at Verkhoyansk was -69.8 degree Celsius or -93.6-degree Fahrenheit during February 1892.

5. North Ice (Greenland)

Coldest places on Earth - North Ice (Greenland)

This was a research station of British Greenland Expedition which was located on Iceland ice in Greenland. This is the fifth coldest place on Earth. The lowest temperature recorded at North Ice was -86.8-degree Fahrenheit or -66 degrees Celsius.

6. Eismitte (Greenland)

Coldest places on Earth - Eismitte (Greenland)

Eismitte is incidentally known as Ice-Centre in German. Eismitte is located on the Arctic side of Greenland and the lowest temperature recorded here was -64.9 degree Celsius or -85-degree Fahrenheit.

7. Snag –Yukon (Canada)

Coldest places on Earth - Snag –Yukon (Canada)

This is a small village which is located off the Alaska Highway about 25 Km South of Beaver Creek at Yukon in Canada. January is the coldest month here with the temperature falling too low of -81.4-degree Fahrenheit.

8. Prospect Creek –Alaska (USA)

Coldest places on Earth - Prospect Creek –Alaska (USA)

This is a small settlement and is located 25 miles southeast of Bettles in Alaska. The winter lasts here long and the place has a short summer season. The lowest temperature recorded here was – 62 degrees Celsius or -80-degree Fahrenheit.

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