Can a Puppy Fail To Socialize

anti social puppy

Socialization comes with its distinct perspectives. The puppy has to learn to adapt to the different people and elements of nature which it comes across. The puppy owner also needs to encourage it to adapt to the rapidly changing scenario. A puppy when it is young might find it difficult to socialize. This is due to the reason that the puppy is only developing its senses and has a lot of notions on the things which might be going around them.
Young puppies also have a sense of insecurity and look for the safe comfort of their mothers. This kind of behavior is normal since the puppies are young in age. It is also the duty of the owner to give the puppies a socially acceptable atmosphere when they are young since they will develop confidence only when safe and secure environment is being offered to them.Depressed Dog
In case the environment around the puppies is not conducive for their safety and security they will naturally feel uneasy. If this atmosphere continues around them for a longer duration, the chances are that these puppies could fail at socialization.
It is however a gradual process and when you allow the puppy to be in safe comfort zone with their mothers for a longer duration, they will develop some confidence. Eventually, as the puppy grows it can be allowed to socialize with the litter and the larger dog community around it. They will then learn to behave and live accordingly in a large community and will behave in a sensible manner in the longer run.Puppy failing to socialize
Moreover, the dog owners also need to give them space so that the puppy becomes comfortable with the people living in the home. When the puppy develops some confidence in dealing with humans in the home, they will learn to become socialized with the people. anti social puppy
This has a detrimental effect on the behavior of the puppy and they will become confident in dealing with the surroundings. Eventually, the dog owners will also want the puppy to develop and grow into a confident dog in whose care they can leave the home when the owner needs to go outside for some work.
Making the puppy socialized is the responsibility of its owner and if they are able to offer a safe and secure environment to the puppy in the initial phase of their life, the puppy will definitely learn to socialize.

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