Which is the Best Season To Go To Tahiti?

Tahiti is the cultural, political and economic center of French Polynesia. Famous for its black sand beaches, Tahiti witnesses a large rush of tourists from all over the world. Incidentally, it is the largest island in the region and was the part of the kingdom of Tahiti until the time it was annexed by France in the year 1880.

Which is the Best Time to visit Tahiti?

May to October:

Tahiti - French Polynesia

Considering the temperature variation in Tahiti, it can be safely said that May to October is the best time to visit this region. The region has comparatively less humidity during these months and large numbers of people visit Tahiti during this period.

There are two distinct seasons in Tahiti namely Winter and Summer. Winters in this part of the world bring less rain and pleasant temperature while the summer months which stretch from November to April can be unexpectedly hot and humid. This leaves the time period from May to October to be the best time for anyone to plan a visit to Tahiti.

Tahiti’s dry season

Billabong pro Surf Competition

Tahiti’s dry season begins in May and ends in October. This is ideal weather any traveler can desire. The humidity is also at its lowest during this period. However, if you intend to travel to Tahiti during this period, be prepared for higher hotel fares since these are occupied during the peak tourist season.

If you intend to visit Tahiti during these months a range of events are in the offering for you which include the International Graffiti Art Festival held in May and the Billabong pro-Surf Competition which is held during the month of August. If interested, you can also attend the Tahiti International Golf Championship in the month of September.

Climate of Tahiti
Tahiti - French Polynesia

The months from November until April are the wettest period in Tahiti. January can be considered to be the wettest month in this region as it rains up to 13.2 inches or 340 millimeters in Papeete which is the capital of Tahiti and has the only international airport of this region.

August can be considered to be the driest month in Tahiti since it rains only 1.9 inches or 48 millimeters in this month. The temperature in Tahiti is amicable throughout the year and the average temperature ranges from 21 to 31-degree centigrade.

There is little seasonal variation in the temperature range in Tahiti. Incidentally, the lowest and highest temperature recorded in the region is in the range of 16 to 34 degrees.

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