Are Minions And Nazis Related?

Social media is abuzz these days on characters of Minions and their relation to Nazis. Much is being said about the possible relation and the reason is not hard to understand. This has come up because of release of movie “Minion”. Parents are concerned that the movie “Minions” which has recently been released has some relation with Nazis in general and Hitler in particular.Relation of Minions to Nazis (2)

History of Minions

“Despicable Me”, a movie released in the year 2010 was the first in the series which brought Minions character to life. The character has become popular ever since and people from all age group relish watching Minions on the screen.

Relation with Nazis

  • It has been reported that “Minions” is the name which a Nazi scientist gave to a child. The child was used to experiment for Cyclon-B. This was similar to the gas component “Sobibor” which was used in the gas chambers.
  • The interesting part of the story is the photo where kids wearing dress similar to Minions have been photographed. This picture is of the time when the kids were being taken for conducing experiment on them.
  • However, there is a twist in the tail and apparently it has come in public preview now that the picture is of first divers from Royal Navy Submarine.Relation of Minions to Nazis
  • The picture which is being circulated as that of a children being taken for experimentation has been taken around the year 1908. This picture is of a device named as Hall and Rees which navy divers used to escape from submarines.
  • The fact that can be said with certainty is that this picture has been taken around the year 1908 while the period in which Nazism flourished ranged from 1919 to 1933. This in itself belies the claim of all those who say that Minions are related to Nazis in any manner.
  • As a parent, it is our responsibility to ensure that our children do not fall prey to any such rumor. Minions are fun character created to entertain the children and so should they remain.

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