9 Funniest Coincidences Of All Time

Life shows it’s funniest sides also at times. Though this happens rarely but when it does, this creates a unique experience for everyone around. Below we list some of these funniest coincidences that will make you ponder upon the weirdness of life.

  • A poor name choice

A truck home up in flames is the saddest thing to happen. However, this funniest coincident happened when a truck with the name inferno went up in flames.

funniest coincidences

  • Obedient Dog

Ever came across an obedient dog? This can be one of the funniest coincidences when a dog lay alongside a piece of paper which was marked Certificate of Dog Obedience Training.

funniest coincidences

  • Random Dresses worn to work

Ever seen people wearing the same dresses to work? This can also be one of the funniest coincidences when people wear the same dresses to work, as can be seen in the picture.

funniest coincidences

  • Safety personified

What can be funniest coincidences than a train with a tagline “Safety Begins with You” ramming into a car.

  • Visiting a museum and feeling bewildered

The picture says it all? This can be one of the best funniest coincidences when a person visits a museum and finds a wall hanging similar to the dress worn by him.

  • Wish her name was Kitler

A cat raising her hand similar to the posture adopted by Hitler would be one of the funniest coincidences. What better than to name such a cat as “Kitler”.

  • Bird landing on a page describing itself

This is another of the funniest coincidences when a bird lands on a book that describes the bid itself. What better way of feeling privileged and special.

  • Did the socks inspire the man

Another of the coincidences is the instant when a pair of socks was found which was distinctly similar to the man pictured alongside.

  • A white car meet up

Another of the funniest coincidences would be to head to the gas station and find cars of similar color lined up as if this was a meeting of white cars.

These are some of the funniest coincidences that you would come across at some point in your life. Until then, read these and feel blissful.

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