8 Things That Clearly Show ‘The Amazing Race’ Is A Fake Reality Game Show

The Amazing Race can be credited to be the longest running reality television series of all times. Consider the fact that the show has run around 28 seasons and people are always waiting for more. However, you will be surprised to know that this reality show is indeed a fake reality game show.

The Amazing Race

8. Not all the contestants were selected on merit

The contestants might point out that they applied for the show and were selected after the audition. This is however not true in all cases and some were specially invited for being a part of the show.

7. Not all strangers were made partners

Unlike the previous seasons of the show when two strangers were made to share room, nothing of this sort happened this time. In fact the producer did not force couples to stay together and in some cases they were assigned separate rooms.

6. The contestants are never alone

Though it might seem that the contestants are alone at times, the reality is otherwise. The contestants are always accompanied by a cameraman and an audio person. If the contestant sleeps outside an airport the cameraman and audio person also do so. So, basically the contestant cannot be said to be alone anytime.

5. Doing tough tasks not difficult

At times you might have seen the contestants doing tough tasks as climbing peaks or holding some dangerous animal. While this might require some kind of guts, the contestants are not alone while doing so. Dozens of paramedics are around and medical teams are always in standby mode to deal with any eventuality.

4. These are not contestants in the real sense

The people who participate in the show are not contestants in the real sense since they do not get paid for the show. These are volunteers instead but do get to travel across the world for free.

3. The name is a misnomer

Going by the name of the show “The Amazing Race” one gets the feeling that the contestants might be running most of the time. This is however not true and the contestants mostly end up waiting for airplanes or trains.

2. They seem to talk all the while

The contestants seem to be talking with each other too much. This is due to the fact that they can only chat when the camera is rolling. The producer decides on what the contestants are to talk about and how long they would be chatting.

1. The pit stops are not for real

You might have seen contestants resting a while in the pit stops which are actually shot in any given hotel. The contestants do not get to rest there in reality. They are instead packed into cramped vans and taken to the new location.

This however does not apply to the host Phil Keoghan who always travels in style.


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