7 Reasons Why We Love Minions

Minions, who does not love these! Almost all of us, be in our late childhood years or the spring of our life cannot but fall in love with minions. Let us explore the reasons as to why we love these minions.

7. Minions are adorable

Even if you do not like yellow color, you will always fall in love with minions. These might feel like copy- paste material but are unique in more than one sense. Consider for example the minion bob. Bob has different colored eyes and yet it is most adorable of the lot.Minion love

6. Most kid friendly material

Minions are considered to be truly kids’ friendly in today’s changing world. These are marketed truly in the real sense and can be seen everywhere.

5. Popularity with kids

Minions have become extremely popular with kids considering the fact that three movies featuring these minions have already been made. Even if you are not in love with these, it is likely that once you watch the movies featuring the minions, you are likely to fall in love with them.

4. Make a worthy relatable material

All these minions have stories that are relatable to our daily life context. Some of the minions are leaders who follow a true dream; some of these are immature who need constant support and some are music lovers. In fact, we all can relate to these minions in one or other way.Minion love

3. Linguistic heroes

These minions can be considered true linguistic heroes considering the fact that they can speak a mix of different languages. These minions speak a mixture of Spanish and English and though most of us can make some words of the same, it is true that we cannot but love them truly.

2. The emotions are real

The minions depict emotions which are true in the real sense. These are very similar to the Emoji on our Smartphone. The emotions are so worthy that these help us connect us with our childhood in some ways.Minion love

1. You’ll laugh off all your worries

It is a guarantee that once you see any of the movies featuring these minions, you will all but laugh off all your worries. These minions not only help you ward off all the worries but will take you in a different world, a place from where you will never wish to come back.

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