7 Best Museums In The World

Best museums in world - State Hermitage, (St. Petersburg, Russia)

If you are a history buff, the world has a lot to offer. Visiting museums can offer you a glimpse of history and you will develop a new perspective of world in the past era.
Below we list 7 best museums in the world which should be on your wish list, whenever you intend to travel across the globe.

7. Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)Best museums in world - Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York)

Metropolitan museum of Art is one of the largest museums in the world. The museum is home to more than two million items from across the world. The museum has a great collection of artifacts including those by Degas, Rodin and Vermeer.

6. The Prado, (Madrid, Spain)Best museums in world - The Prado, (Madrid, Spain)

This is the biggest museum in Spain and is the national art museum. The museum has a collection of aesthetic European art from 12th to 19th century. Incidentally, it is the museum which is home to collection of Spanish Art which is exclusive to this museum only.

5. State Hermitage, (St. Petersburg, Russia)Best museums in world - State Hermitage, (St. Petersburg, Russia)

This is a museum dedicated to art and culture and is the oldest and largest museum in the world. The church was founded in the year 1764 by Catherine the Great. The museum has a collection of 3 million items and has the largest collection of paintings from the world over.

4. The Acropolis Museum (Athens, Greece)Best museums in world - The Acropolis Museum (Athens, Greece)

This museum has been founded on the idea of exploration of Acropolis of Athens. The museum has artifacts ranging from Greek Bronze age to Byzantine Greece. The main highlight of this museum is the ground floor build in glass which showcases the archaeological explorations of Acropolis.

3. Le Louvre, (Paris, France)Best museums in world - Le Louvre, (Paris, France)

This was a fortress until two centuries ago when it was converted into museum. The museum has a pyramid at its entrance which makes it a unique entity. The museum houses important artifacts including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

2. Smithsonian Institution, (Washington D.C, United States)Best museums in world - Smithsonian Institution, (Washington D.C, United States)

This is among the largest museum complex in the world and is important from any researchers view also. The complex has 19 museums, zoological park and numerous research stations. The museum has numerous artifacts which offer a rich glimpse into history of United States.

1. The Vatican Museums, (Vatican City, Italy)Best museums in world - The Vatican Museums, (Vatican City, Italy)

These are a series of museums located in Vatican City. The museum is home to numerous collections of Renaissance art from across the world. The most astounding fact about this museum is the fact that over 5 million people visited here in 2011.

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