6 Most Scenic Highways in US

Hana Highway

The vast American landscape becomes more enchanting, all thanks to the scenic highways passing through its territory. Be it the California Coast or the famed Shore Drive through Chicago, America has much to offer to an avid traveler.

1. Hana Highway

Hana Highway

The travel time from Kahului to Hana a distance of 52 miles is more than three hours as you pass through steep sea cliffs lined with mango trees. It seems as if one is in Jurassic era with lush green forests lining the highway. A must visit route for an avid traveler; Hana Highway is undoubtedly one of the most scenic highways in the United States.

2. U.S. 1, Florida Keys

U.S. 1, Florida Keys

Traveling to the 120 miles long island chain of Florida’s Keys, a traveler passes through a scenic ambiance. The highway runs past lighthouses and perhaps offers the best view of the sea, travelers can get anywhere in the United States. The highway also passes through 7-mile Bridge which is considered to be one of the longest bridges in the world.

3. 17- Mile Drive, California

17- Mile Drive, California

The 17-mile drive in California’s Monterey peninsula is less than 10 miles long, yet is considered among scenic highways in the United States. The road runs through Del Monte forests and is famous for the spectacular sunsets for which residents of the area charge $9 as an entry fee to the private road.

4. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

Lake Shore Drive, Chicago

This can be considered to be the best architecturally designed highways in the world. The statues of American icons line up the highway throughout the Jackson Park area and the downtown buildings can also be considered to be a showstopper which lines the highway throughout. The tallest buildings in the world can also be seen on this highway making it unique in the real sense.

5. Route 12, Utah

Route 12, Utah

Utah is known for its red rock majesty and this is clearly evident on State Route 12 which passes through Capitol Reef and Bryce Canyon national parks. The highway spans 124 miles and has a few small towns and few entry points on the way. The sandstone canyons and cliff hanging ridgeline road are some of the challenges that any avid traveler will encounter on this highway.

6. Trail Ridge Road, Colorado

Trail Ridge Road

This is the highest road in the United States which can claim to be continuously paved throughout its length. It passes through Rocky Mountain National Park which is at an elevation of 12,183 feet. Be prepared to come across a diverse aura of wildness that will make you come face to face with elk, deer and bighorn sheep on the rocky heights.

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