5 Countries You Must Include In Your Europe Trip


Your trip to Europe is complete when you cover some countries as Europe are perfect destination to cover in every month, be it summers or the chilling winters. There are a lot of options for an avid traveler when it comes to visiting Europe and exploring all that this great continent has on offer.

Below are listed top 5 countries which should be on your wish list when you plan a travel through Europe.

5. Iceland


Iceland located on the top most corner of Europe is 2.5 hours flight time away from London and 5 hours from New York which makes it a perfect getaway destination in Europe. You will have to pre book a car or take public transport since there are no rails in this country.
Reykjavik, West Coast and Southwest Islands are some of the places you can explore in this country.

4. Norway


Another unique country to explore in Europe is Norway. The Fjords, Bergen, Oslo, Flam and Pupkit Rock are some of the places which can be explored in Norway. Pupkit Rock is an exciting hiking trail with steep cliffs rising up to 604 meters and you are sure to experience vertigo when on the top.
If you wish to explore the raw aspect of Norway, Bergen would be a perfect fit since it lies on a mountain side and overlooks the sea.

3. Italy


Italy is a unique country with a diverse and rich cultural legacy. Florence would be the best place in Italy to enjoy the break as it is home to many museums, has a range of buildings which depict the unique architecture of the region and can offer you the tastiest and best mouth watering cuisine found in Italy.

2. Greece


Greece is a unique and beautiful country which has many islands that can be explored. Santorini is a great city in Greece which is known for its charming appearance, friendly locals and diverse landscapes.

Besides, Greece has always been on the wish list of those who want to visit the different historic relics. Athens and Delphi are some of the cities which offer a unique insight into the history and enable the visitors to explore humankind from a new perspective.

1. Spain


Spain is another amazing country which should be on the wish list of any avid traveler who wants to explore Europe. Barcelona, Ronda and Seville are some of the places which should be visited when in Spain.

Ibiza in Spain is a special destination for the party goers. It is known for its pristine waters and cool beaches. A great holiday destination, Ibiza attracts a lot of visitors from the world over.

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