27 Strangely Funny Print Ads… Why Would Anyone Create The 17th One!

gets you closer! lol

There are a lot of funny commercials that tickle our funny bones every-time we look at them. Here we have collected some of the best funny posters and weird print ads to be published ever.

1. 3M double sided tape: Sticky on Both Sides

3M scotch both side tape funny ad


2. Timotei Natural Style, closest to styling nature!

Timoeti hairstyler funny ads


3. Chupa Chups: its so sugarfree that ants repel it

Sugarfree sweets


4. The Real MilkShakes(Pun intended)

Milkshake funny ad


5. Precision Parking by Volkswagen: when there is no margin of error

Precision parking funny poster by Volkswagen


6. Fight against bad breadth, or it might take someone’s life!

Bad breath: funny ad poster


7. Apparently bad breath can be fatal for you too, it is fast becoming the leading cause of death(at least the advertisers think so)

Mouthwash ad funny


8. Bose Noise Cancellation Headset: Such murderers have we engaged in the advertising agency.

Bose Noise reduction headphones


9. Pepsi Twist: Who al love lemon?

Pepsi twist weirdly funny ad


10. What kind of name is mischief for a scissors manufacturer??

Its fun to be scissors


11. Pepsi lite, way to light; I guess this will might decrease the cost of a Hot air balloon ride.

Coke Lite: funny ad


12. And why should Pepsi stay far; they took it to a whole new level.

Pepsi lite funny ad


13. Explore new angles of America

Visit America: Funny


14. A tape to stick anything, almost!

Scotch tape: funny poster ad


15. Granny’s fries without getting your cheek pulled.

Granny Fries: funny ad


16. 0-100 in 8.4 sec, and your tongue will be sticking out like

Hyundai coupe funny advertisment


17. I cant make fun of that add, I don’t have words

funny ad: Jumbo peanuts


18. Quickest Snacks available.

Easy Snacking funny poster


19. These binoculars from Olympus will take you ridiculously closer. On first thought it seemed as the bird is trying to snatch the binoculars!gets you closer! lol


20. Give your Dog good food, or he will no longer be faithful

Dog food funny ad


21. A jacuzzi for your food: ensuring you eat a clean and healthy diet.

Treat your food to something good funny poster


22. When did you last complained about the sharpness of your knife

Sharper than you think funny ad


23. Is that a tooth brush; it surely cleans a lot of other areas too.

Aqua fresh tooth brush funny ad

24. Yes we care for everyone’s health. Hygienic mice less infections!

Becker Public health Funny ad


25. Because what you touch is what you Eat: issued in public interest by Lifebuoy

Lifebuoy funny ad you are what you eat

26. Who needs an alarm clock?

A strong wake up call funny ad


27. Now I know how the magicians pulled of that trick: They used Glassex Window Cleaner!

Glassex Window Cleaner: Magician ad

Do tell us your favourite print add, a weird or a funny poster!

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