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6 Most Annoying College Roommates

You must have met many people during your college hostel days. Some of these might have annoyed you to the core while others might have turned into lifelong friends. Below we list some of...

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15 Extremely Hilarious Wedding Moments

These images at weddings are captured just in time. It’s obviously the photographer’s job to capture all the wedding moments during the shoot and may be he did it fairy well by clicking these...

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Why Being Single in 20s Is Better

Being young is always exciting. You have nothing to worry and the world seems to be at your feet. Being single in 20s is always the best thing to happen. 10. Your friends are...

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Funniest Compilation Of Scary Pranks!

Check out the funniest compilation of scary pranks by people around. These guys have made their mates scare and are making us laugh out loudly. You will end up laughing for hours after watching this video.

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17 Hilarious Photographs Of Drunk People

Relax and watch what these drunk people are up to. After having so many bottles of alcohol they have become a target of mockery for their friends. See how their friends have made fun...

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Family Obsessed With Lifting Kilos

This family seems so addictive to their work-out routines that they keep lifting kilos all day long. They find it fun to lift weight. Very strange, the youngest kid of their family is capable...

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12 Best Outfits Kendall Jenner Wore In 2015

Kendall Jenner, 20 year old gorgeous lady is one of the most fashionable member of Kardashian/Jenner league. She has been named as Tumblr’s most re-blogged models, after Cara Delevingne, and she has been dominating the runways since...

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14 Special Valentine Gift Ideas

Valentines day is just around the corner and we are sure you have already begun your search for what to gift your loved one this year. So, here’s a list of special valentine gift...


18 Crazy Pictures To Boost Your Mood

No matter what, designers go to a far extent to mix fun in real life incidents to give a laughter dose. Hats off to them for all their amazing efforts. Boost up your mood...