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Surreal World by Charlie Davoli- ulitimate artwork 0

The Surreal World By Charles Davoli!

Charles Davoli uses multiple forms of art to create ultimate masterpieces. The surreal world, as his artwork is called, will actually take you to another world, a world he has created by turning photographs...

Cheapest Holiday Destinations - Thailand 0

Top Value For Money Destinations For Holiday!

For travel freak people managing funds while planning travel is an issue as air tickets, visa fee and hotel charges take most of the budget. Fortunately though there are many cities across the world...

Hilarious Menu Fails 0

Hilarious Menu Fails! Must Read!

Restaurants try to give unique name to the items in their menu to tempt customers. All the restaurants try to keep some unique stuff to offer to their customers. But here are some menus...

“The Prophecy” Warns Against Environmental Damage 0

“The Prophecy” A Warning Against Environmental Damage!

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro in association with the Ecofund organization and Senegalese costume and fashion designer Doulsy (Jah Gal)  to create a series to highlight the destruction of the African landscapes. The series is called...

Awesome Street and wall art 0

Awesome 3D Street And Wall Art On Display!

Some Great Street and Wall Art by artists from around the world. Some of these look so real that you will take a minute before realizing that these are just illustrations and not real.

Moon inspired Lamps 0

Now You Can Get A Moon In Your Room!

We shared with you “Thunder Cloud Inspired Lamps” with you in more than an year back. Guess what? The world did not want to stop right there in bringing the nature into their living...

Nature Creating Heart With Art 0

Nature+Art+Love = Spectacular Hearts!

  Nature, Art and Love all three are exceptionally beautiful things if you have a vision to see. But when all combine it is a spectacle. Here is nature showing love through its Art.

Movies to look for in 2016 - Batman vs Superman 0

Top 10 Not To Be Missed Movies Of 2016!

2015 has been a worthy year for Hollywood. With movies like Jurassic World and Age of Ultron attracting attention of filmgoers. Some great movies like Specter, Star Wars and a few others are still...

siri sense of humor - funny 0

Siri Has Got A Quirky Sense Of Humor!

So Siri here has got quite a nice sense of humor these days! Siri is using sarcasm, flattering and much more to be funny. Just check some of the replies. Some Other questions to...

Best Books of 2014 - flash-boys 0

10 Must Read Books From 2014!

Reading is a great habit. All those who are into reading can cherish the fact that like many past years, 2014 too was a great year for them. A range of good books from...

Awesome photos that look totally fake 0

Awesome Photos That Look Totally Fake But Are Not!

Some Photos are mesmerising, while others are an optical illusion created by trick photography and still others are photoshoped. Well here are a few photographs that are neither a big trick nor photoshopped but...

Best YouTube Channels To Follow - VitalyzdTv 0

Top 10 Youtube Channels To Follow!

Youtube is a rage among youth and kids alike. There are numerous Youtube channels that have created a niche category of audience who follow these earnestly. Below are listed 10 such Youtube channels that...

Top party Destinations in the world - Ibiza, Spain party 0

Top 10 Party Destination In The World!

Have party on mind? The world is your playground and you can head to many locations that are spread out throughout the world. Below we list 10 best party destinations in the world. Pack...

Perfect Ideas for Couple tattoos 0

Awesome Ideas For Couple Tattoos!

Looking to get inked? Out of ideas? Want something different? Get inked along with your partner, choose from the designs over here or club and customise a couple of designs from here to make...

Bad spacing creating comedy - fail 0

Bad Spacing Creating Havok! Epic Fail!

I am no grammar nazi. Nor do I point people generally at their mistakes because even I am not perfect but here are examples of people who have made such big blunders while creating...

German Food 0

Top Foreign Foods Loved By Americans!

For a diehard foodie, exploring cuisines from various countries is the most satisfying experience. Fortunately, America offers a host of options for such people who wish to satisfy their taste buds and also connect to...

Small Truck Big House - amazing 0

House Truck Transforms Into Fantasy Castle

Everyone likes to live big. A big house, lavish interiors, big kitchen closet and open space. Well the only issue comes with the space, the land required for a lavish home is quite expensive....

American Idiot - Best Comeback albums - Green Day 0

10 Most Successful Comeback Albums!

With trends and tastes of audience changing on a rapid pace, success in the world of music is not a permanent trend. While many successful singers fade into after a time to never show...

Futuristic societies we wish were true - The Matrix 2

Top 10 Futuristic Societies!

Mankind has evolved over the past century with many futuristic interventions and inventions being done. However, there could be many more scientific inventions which if would have become a reality would change the face...

traveling, love to travel, born to travel 0

Save More To Travel Than Buying Stuff, Proves Science

“Travelling Gives More Happiness Than Materialistic Things” You might have heard people saying that “travelling gives you joy”. There were no such proofs that proved if it actually does. But now, even scientific studies...

Barney, Barney Stinson, amazing statements 0

11 Amazing Quotes By Barney Stinson

Barney with his LEGENDARY style statement has made not only girls but guys fall for him. His love for suits and his friends has created a benchmark in the television industry. We cannot imagine...

Dads making awesome puns 0

Dads Making Awesome Puns!

Some Puns blow your mind while some are so stupid that you wish to blow your mind yourself! Here are some puns made by dad which if were made by anyone else would have made...