20 Facts You Should Know To Have A Long Lasting Relationship

Facts to know to have a long lasting relationship

We all know that sustaining a relation is a tough task. It calls for a lot of efforts from both sides. Few people think that it’s not for everyone but the fact is it is for everyone if the two parties are prepared to make few commitments and sacrifices.

Facts to know to have a long lasting relationship

1. There are no blueprints in marriage

Forget about the fantasies or mantras you have about a terrific married life. Nothing helps. No scripts will ever work, so stop applying them or expecting things to go always right.

2. Forgive and forget

If you can forgive your best buddies too, what’s wrong in forgiving your better half. Why can’t you let go things in a relation?

3. Behave like a good teammate

Best part about being married is that you have the privilege to be shelled while letting someone else in the bunker.

4. Grow and change with time

Opinions are bound to differ. But if your opinions remain same as they were at the age of 25 while your partner’s changed, then it’s totally your fault. Never remain the same person as you were. Grow and change with time.

5. Be Adaptive

Along with opinion, many things around will change…inside and outside, be adaptive to what comes in. Stop complaining. By complaining you just show your sense of immaturity since the other person won’t have control on any of the natural changes.

6. Travel alone

I want to go to Vegas and you’ want to explore Australia? Enjoy. It’s purely natural.

7. Travel with her/him

Going on holidays with them will be fun. Traveling together gives you the confidence of relying on them in certain or uncertain situations. You will have more adventure to explore being together.

8. Have your own interests and stick to them

Being married doesn’t mean you have to change yourself or force them to change. Be yourself. Let them stay what they are. It will enhance your relation even more.

9. Stop counting

Few couples count on the no. of times each partner washed the dishes. Now that’s totally childish and exhausting as well! Never do that.

10. Exercise and Meditate

Exercising and meditating will help you remain stress free. You will ignore many things naturally by practicing yoga etc. Of course, its your responsibility too to remain healthy.

11. Keep a check on yourself

Talk to yourself and judge how well you are contributing in your relationship. Are you being unfair? Judgmental? Rude? Or what?

12. Never hesitate to admit that you are wrong

Even if it happens for once and by mistake, never hesitate to admit that you were wrong in that particular moment. Explain your partner whenever you realize.

13. Always celebrate moments of accomplishment

Be it small or big always celebrate moments of accomplishment in any possible way.

14. Do give surprises

Giving surprises add to the charm of being in relation. Bring a wine bottle, a rose bunch or may be movie tickets.

15. Encourage and support each other

Admit your insecurities in front of each other so your partner should be able to help you to overcome them. After all your relationship is where you have the liberty of being what you are. Taking your partner’s support in making things right for you is a good way.

16. Don’t give hints

If you wish to say something, say. Don’t give hints and don’t expect them to try hard to understand what you have in mind. They are not god.

17. Don’t criticize, suggest solution

If they are expecting criticism, they would never discuss it with you. If you are in the discussion, it’s your responsibility to suggest solutions.

18. Behave like equals

Don’t let try to let them down. You don’t have that right. Behave like equals.

19. Give compliment

It makes them feel special. You will get loved even more.

20. Accept each other’s friends

Don’t complaint about their friends. Accept and socialize with them.

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