15 Things About Johnny Depp That You Didn’t Know

One of the best paid actors in Hollywood, Johnny Depp is known for the versatility of roles he always did. However, some amazing facts about this amazing actor have always remained hidden from public preview.

Johnny Depp

Below we bring you a collection of some of these amazing and unknown facts about Johnny Depp.

15. He started smoking at age of 12

Jonny Depp who is 51 now has been smoking ever since he was 12 years of age. This however should not be seen as an encouragement for smoking though.

14. “The Sexiest Man Alive”

Jonny Depp has won the title of Sexiest man alive twice, once in 2003 and the other time in 2009.

13. He claims to be Native American

He says that he is a Native American somewhere down as his grandmother grew up in Cherokee or Creek Indian.

12. Johnny Depp is least religious

Johnny says that religion is not his specialty and he only has faith in his children and wants them to be good human beings.

11. He might announce his retirement soon

His fans might be disappointed to hear this but Johnny has plans to hang his boots soon. He said during an interview with BBC that he is not visualizing his career going too far.

10. “On Stranger Ties” was his well paying jobs

Johnny could not refuse acting in “On Stranger Ties” as he was offered a whooping $55 million for the role.

9. He faced arrest in 1998

This happened in 1998 when he got into a fight with paparazzi who was following him the entire day, even when he was on a date.

8. He made a crazy bet with Leonardo DiCaprio

While shooting for “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” he dared Leonardo to sniff a rancid egg and lost $500 when Leonardo did so.

7. Had a great bonding with Tim Burton

Though he worked for a lot of roles for the acclaimed director Tim Burton, it was the role of Edward Scissorhand which led to beginning of a wonderful relationship.

6. He got married first in 1983

He married Lori Anne Allison in 1983. She was the sister of his band.

5. He is a record holder in Guinness Book

He holds a Guinness Book record for being the highest paid actor in 2011 when he had a net worth of $75 million.

4. His first job as an actor was due to help from Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Cage helped Johnny set a foothold in Hollywood and Johnny repaid the debt by helping Nicholas when in was in financial trouble in 2007.

3. He always dreamt to become a rock star

He dropped school at 15 but returned two weeks later. It was his school principal at that time who advised Johnny to pursue his dreams.

2. He shifted home many times in childhood

Johnny traveled a lot during his childhood as his family shifted over 20 cities finally to settle in Miramar in Florida.

1. He came from a modest family

Johnny came from a modest family and his father was a civil engineer and his mother a waitress.


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