15 Silly things Couples caught doing in Relationship!

Couple Sweatshirts

Couples do lot of sweet things for each other and singles find them funny. Couples reading here would still enjoy but singles might laugh their ass out!

1. Jar full of Kisses and Hugs!

Now this jar full of chocolates in the form of kisses and hugs is really a creative way of being together all the time. Every time you miss them, have one and feel them around.

Jar of kisses and hugs


2. Hundreds and thousands of  Reasons why “I LOVE YOU”

You should read one every minute/hour/day when he/she is away.


3. Book of Memories and Emails

Book of memories and emails

4. Being anywhere in the world, yet watching movie together!

Couples watching movie together on skype

5. The Dual Dial Watch keeping each others time

Now that you are away from each other, this is an amazing way to kill time. Keep checking how soon you guys will be together.

The dual watch


6. Perfect Bed Spectacles to chat in bed!

So you can keep talking online for long while being asleep.

Bed Spectacles for chatting in bed



7. Countdown Timer to check on how soon you will be meeting them.

Countdown Timer to check how soon you are meeting


8. Bracelet for Patience : Keep looking at it. HA HA!

Have Patience


9. Letters “OPEN WHEN”: Crazy Fun, right?

openwhen letters



10. Hugging Pillow to Mail your Hug

Hugging Pillow to Mail your Hug

Hugging Pillow to Mail your Hug




The Heart Box


12. Couple Sweatshirts or Tshirts

Couple Sweatshirts

Couple Tshirts


13. Ring Engraved Distance or “I will Wait” on it!

Distance Ring

I Will Wait Ring

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