14 Signals That Prove A Manchild Is Dating You!

You know you are dating a Manchild by checking on these signals below.

Manchild? A crazy annoying kid residing inside the grown guy’s body.

He is a cute toddler in his habits. 

men sexytodler

1. No ways, he is totally away from cooking!

Men, totally away from cooking, bad cooking by men

2. He still eats what he used to eat 12 years ago

Man who eats same food

3. He will get into arguments without even know the way to argue with people.

Mens Arguments

4. He will say no to various things showing as if he is so above them.

Men don't care, whatever


5. Who cleans the room? I am the boss here! Bosses don’t clean up!

Messed rooms of guys

6. Video games are a lifeline to him!

Guys love video games


7. Even a small sickness to them is like dying for them! 


Illness is just like dying for men, guys


8. He is always out of cash. Surely, he cannot manage his funds properly! 

Guys Spendingoutofcontrol

9. He won’t be awake before it’s 1 pm.

Guy can sleep till late

10. He won’t go to doctors that easily! 

Guy refusing to go to doctor


11. He is happy being a toddler, totally away from being responsible. 

No responsibility


12. He enjoys using paper plates for his entire life

Guys love using paper plates

Than washing dishes standing in the kitchen

Dishes in the kitchen


13. He enjoys the football matches along with ice-creams all day and has no ambitions at all.

Man enjoying icecream and football match

14. He takes allowance from his parents to pay his bills.

Parents pay his bills

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