13 Emotions You Can Relate To If You Are Working Hard To Lose Weight

checking weight

Chocolates make you go crazy and you just couldn’t stop eating hundreds of it when you were on a holiday. And you realize you have put on lot of weight. It’s been just few days only that you started working out to get back to shape. This is what you would be feeling and doing ample of times in a single day.

1. You would avoid going to parties and get-together so you can walk away from the delicious food.

Ohitsok, I don't want to go

Thank you, I don’t want to go!

2. Each meal of yours will have leaves, leaves and only leaves or may be fruits for luxury. Salad over burgers and pizza is your only choice left for the meals now.


Oh, I will stick to salad only!

3. You almost want to punch into the faces of the thinnest people around you.

You want to punch them

How dare you are so thin…

4. You are totally disinterested in looking at the restaurant menus and finally end up ordering a soup or a sugar free coffee.


5. You spend most of your weekend in trying to get into all those fitted clothes that were totally comfortable earlier.


6. You take an exit from all the birthday parties right when the cake is cut so that you don’t lose your control and end up eating a piece.




I am not here for it. I am just gonna leave.

7. Most of your friends don’t greet you with “Hi” but start the conversation by asking “You are looking fat, have you put on some weight?”


Getting irritated on what say say


Why don’t you go away from here. I hate you.

8. You hate the sugar filled drinks and stick to green tea only.

Having Green TeaI will have this, It’s healthy.

9. The calorie chart for alcohol is always revolving in your head so that you can decide on which drink to pick up which is extremely low on calories.

Thinking on what to eat

10. You almost spend hours standing on the weighing meter in front of the mirror to see if you have reach to any levels.

checking weight

11. And finally you are on your marks to start exercising.

I have to run more today

I will get slimmer by the end of the day. I don’t have a choice. It’s my boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow.

12. You are way too confused on what to wear that will make you look slimmer before going out anywhere.



I don’t have anything that can make me look slimmer today!

13. Or you might be changing clothes ample of times before fixing the final dress for the evening.


What the hell should I wear?


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