12 Interesting Facts About The ‘Twilight’ Movie Series

Many of you might have watched the ‘Twilight’ movie series and would have identified with the characters in it too. However, there are numerous interesting facts about the movie series which you would have never known.

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Below we list some of these facts that make this series ever interesting and worth watching.

12. The series had two last scene shots

The last shot of the series was Edward’s and Bella wedding which was a perfect fit as almost everyone was involved. The last scene was in fact honeymoon scene on the beach which was an apt end to the saga.

11. James wanted to play extra in Breaking Dawn

In fact Bill Condon did consider this for a while and decided that this would not be possible.

10. Special Effects (1400 and counting)

The series had over 1400 special effects and a majority of these were used to depict Bella as pregnant.

9. The words “Kwop Kilawtley” did have meaning

Jacob whispered these words to check if Bella is alive. These words meant “Stay with me forever”.

8. Stephenie Meyer did have a favorite team

The dispute which made noise in the series was if you were on the side of Jacobs or Edward. Interestingly, Stephenie stated that if she all of 14, she would obviously go for Team Jacob because he matched her style more.

7. Rachelle Lefevre had to be rescheduled because of scheduling

Rachelle wanted to stay in the show but as she was filming for Barney’s Version, she had to be replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard.

6. Mackenzie cast because of looks

Looks also matter, this held true for Mackenzie Foy and she was cast after the casting directors saw one of her videos.

5. Ballet Studio scene was the first shot scene

Catherine Hardwicke decided to shoot the most difficult scene in the beginning and hence the Ballet Studio scene was shot.

4. Wedding scene saw the maximum cast together

This was the scene which saw the maximum number of characters together for the first time in the series.

3. New Moon almost saw replacement of Taylor Lautner

As the wolf gene got triggered, the character of Taylor Lautner underwent transformation and the casting director was thinking about getting a new actor in his place. However, Taylor put of 30 lbs and was able to keep the role.

2. Native American actors had to submit papers on their being descendents of Native People

Taylor Lautner too had to submit papers from this mother being from Ottawa and Potawatomi tribes.

1. Henry Cavill was thought to be the choice for lead role

Henry was the choice for the lead role but he being 25 years in age did not fit in the role of a high school student. He was offered a different role which he turned down as he was already playing a similar character in The Tudors.


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