10 Reasons That Show Why You Should Stay Single!

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Staying single is a blessing in disguise. You can do hell lot of things if you don’t have a girl by your side to poke you and control your mind.

10. Travel And Explore All The Awesome Places.

Singles enjoys the exciting travel excursions more than married ones. A recent Adventure Tourism Market Research proves that most of the adventure traveling is done by single men. It is totally about being open to pick up the most thrilling activities that you wish to explore like canoeing and hiking in Northern Maine or paragliding and rock climbing in New Zealand. Who would chose to take his wife to Australia to see her parents than traveling to these awesome new places.

Travel and explore the awesome places

9. Of course, You Can Save.

They say guys can’t save but they can, provided they don’t have a girlfriend or wife. You don’t have to discuss and plan your finances when you are single. You are free to spend whatever way you want and you can save the surplus too. There’s no need for you to manage your expenses according to her birthday, anniversary, dating, gifts, ring, house etc. No girlfriend means No Gifts, No Dating, No Marriage, No Divorce, and No Losses at all. You are simply in profits.

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8. Happy Sleeping.

Having a good-night with a partner is next to impossible. Being accompanied by someone in your bed disturbs your sleep to a major extent. It has been proved by a research done by National Sleep Foundation where they have scientifically proved that a bed mate can make you lose your sleep minimum of 49 minutes every night. Imagine the great feeling when no one pushes you at night or wake you early morning when you snooze your alarm every min.

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7. Stay In Shape.

Being in a serious relationship often takes you to a different level of comfort zone where you don’t feel the need to stay in shape. You don’t feel the urge to do pushups or go jogging in morning with that settled state of mind. You stop hitting your gym every week just because you just don’t feel the need of it. A single guy remains motivated to have a good physic and stay fit so that they can easily attract the women around. 62% couples have also agreed in a UK research that they have gained more weight after getting into a relationship.


6. Charity Is Possible For You.

You tend to do charity more when you are single. By not being tied down to a woman, men think about donations and help the needy ones. A survey was conducted by the British Journal or Psychology where a game asked for volunteer donations to fund a good cause. A lot of donations were done by men and most of those who did it were single. Now, that logic proves that men become philanthropist when they are single.

Charity is possible when you are single

5. Party Hard All Night Long.

Committed guys are bound to spend time with their partners. They are not allowed to spend more time with their friends. You try having beer till midnight with your friends and you will be knocked out of your own bed room that night. When you are single you get more time to spend with your friends have killing parties all night long. You can enjoy beer and gaming with your friends only by staying single. As you know, life is more fun with friends.

Party all night long, enjoyingwithfriends,

4. Getting Jobs Is Quite Simple.

Job markets these days are very tough to crack. If you are really looking for a new job, you’ve got to be filled of lot of confidence. A single man has an upper hand since he is more active and confident and is able to get through with tough competition.


3. Free To Flirt.

When you are single, you are free to flirt with different girls at parties and night clubs. You don’t have to worry about being caught. Each night, each day starts a new chapter for you. You get chances to flirt with the receptionist in your office, or your team mate, the bartender or your friends’ friend. You are absolutely free to flirt around.

Barney Flirting, Men Flirting

2. Achieve Your Goals.

Your productivity is affected when you lock yourself into relationship. The burden of marriage, kids etc are so huge that you become almost ignorant to your personal ambitions. You are not motivated to achieve your desired goals but to work hard to be able to make more money and spend on your wife and family. Like seriously! When you are single, you can think more about yourself and increase your productivity to another level of success, the way you want. Your goals are your sole motivation and you intend to achieve them.


1. Stay Stress Free.

Girls are a real pain, believe it or not. You won’t have to clean your room, the dishes and your living room when you don’t have a woman in your life, constantly reminding you to do so many activities every hour. You remain stress free 24X7 esp. when there are no fights, arguments and disagreements happening every night before you crash into your bed. Unintentionally or intentionally, girls do so many things to provoke you and raise your mental pressure. You stay extremely stress-free when you are single you are least bothered about whatever shit is happening around in the world. Stay stress free, stay single.

Stay Stress Free

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