10 Reasons that show why she dumped you!

Girl dumped him, why she dumped you

You might go crazy thinking why she dumped you and still would never understand the reason why she dumped you. Girls are just girls. They have a totally different perspective. They start thinking where your thinking ends and that too in the backward lane. Here are few possible reasons that show why she dumped you. May be you can fit yourself somewhere and know why you are a victim.

1. May be you got too smug

Your weekends were only for yourself and not for her. To girls, it’s just intolerable. Moving into a friend’s zone and not coming out till Monday means a lot to girls. It’s not that easy for them.

2. Did you cheat on her?

Dating many at one point of time surely leads you to the danger zone. We can’t comment much on this, you know how you did and what made her know about it.

3. You have just lost that charm and you are bulky now

You were a different person then and you are a totally different person now. Relationship complications have just made you totally boring. Tall, dark and handsome guys are on the girl’s check lists. You might have lost if you have put up huge.

4. Your intellectual chemistry is not what it should be

You don’t need to be an Einstein but at least don’t you use your book as a coaster for beer. That’s a major turn-of for women. Even if you read superman comic she will judge your intelligence.

5. You are not a go-getter

Your best friend asked her for a date and you were okay with it. Girls love those who what they love.

6. You no longer surprise her

You always take her to the same old restaurant to eat the regular cuisine. Giving little surprises works for a longer time. Try some different food some day.

7. You were meddling in the middle

Was it an actual relation or just a fling, you still doesn’t know? You missed it when you didn’t express your commitment. Don’t be 50 different shades of grey.

8. May be you were clingy

Sharing a post, image or a message on Facebook or emails and calls that remind you about both of you is cute but only for a short while. It’s creepy after sometime.

9. You rose the complications

Fighting on Vegas and Australia for the coming holiday is kind of stupid. Take her where she wants to go and things will be totally alright.

10. You wanted to party with her friends

Whether you had many friends or not, doesn’t matter. What puts her off is that you wanted to party with her friends. And the only issue in this is that you chose to party over spending time with her. Of course, she dumped you because of this.

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