Your Soul Mate Might Not Be Your Lover

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. It might however happen that the person whom you have loved all your life might not be your soul mate in the end.

Does it signify the end of life for you? It might seem so initially but it is not the case since the person who gets to be your soul mate will spend rest of life with you.

soul mate

Time heals everything

Initially it might seem that life has been unfair to you and that you deserved better, things will improve with time. As you spend days with your life partner, you will notice that the person is not that bad as you might have thought in the initial days.

It might hurt you for some time to be away from your lover but once children come in your family, things will change for the better. Since you will have to devote much time for the family, either earning the bread for them or looking after the children, other priorities take over and past dwells away somewhere in the back.

Down the line many years later, you will surely admire the choice of your parents and your soul mate will definitely become your lover.

Priorities change with time

Priorities too change with time. In the initial days, post your marriage the thoughts will hold you back and you will think of a scenario in which your lover would have been your soul mate. You will also look for a shade of your lover in your soul mate.

This will only result in confusion building up in your mind and your married life could be in some sort of trouble. With time however this confusion is likely to fade away as you will get to know your partner in a better way. As the financial obligations of your family or raising the family will be your responsibility, priorities are likely to shift too.

A day might come when you will just laugh away on the thought of the past days, you would have spent with your lover. Life is too short to be lived on past memories and you should always have a positive approach towards life.

Thinking about the past is not going to change your life and you will only jeopardize your present life. Have a positive outlook towards life and rise up to every challenge that comes your way.

You will be happy and soon you will find the love of your life in your soul mate.


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