Worst Mass Suicide Incidents From History!

History is full of instances when people have committed mass suicides for some reasons. Below we list some of such incidents which will shake you to the core.

9. Peoples Temple (Guyana-1978)

909 people who were members of people’s temple in Guyana committed mass suicide. This included 276 children also who were given cyanide laden flavored drink. This they did because they were being forced to become Fascists.

8. Balinese suicide pact

Over 1000 people in Bali committed suicide on September 14, 1906 so that they could not be captured and enslaved by Dutch who had invaded their land.

7. Demmin’s people mass suicide

During the spring of 1945 around 900 people killed themselves in the town of Demmin, Germany. This they did to prevent soldiers of Soviet Red Army from plundering and killing them. Many young girls and women also killed themselves for the fear of being raped by Soviet soldiers.

6. Self immolation in Chittor

Jauhar was a common phenomenon in ancient India where young women committed self immolation in order to save their honor from invading Mughal armies. Thousands of women and young children did so in 1303 and again in 1535 and 1568 when Mughal rulers attacked Chittor in Rajasthan in India.

5. Teutonic women committed mass suicide

During the battle of Aquae Sextiae in 102 BC it was certain that after the defeat of Teutones by Romans, the women and children were to be taken slaves. Hundreds of women killed themselves and their children to escape this ordeal.

Mass sucides - Order-of-the-Solar4. Solar temple member’s suicide

More than fifty members of the Solar temple family in Zurich committed mass suicide on October 4th and 5th 1994. They did so because they thought that they will escape the oppression of this world through this act.

3. Heaven’s Gate Members suicide

39 member’s followers of Heaven’s Gate committed mass suicide in California on March 26, 1997 when their leader Marshall Applewhite told them that world was going to end as an alien would attack it. They would have to commit suicide so that their souls could go to heaven.

2. Jewish rebel’s suicide

When Masada was seized by Roman troops during end of First Jewish- Roman war, 960 rebels and their families committed mass suicide.

1. Souliot women mass suicide

In the Souliot war in December 1803 around 50 Souliot women and their children committed mass suicide near the village of Zalongo in Greece. This they did to escape enslavement as a consequence of defeat in war.

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