10 Worst Hurricanes In History

Worst hurricanes - Katrina

Hurricanes have caused irreparable damage over the years. Almost every country which has a significant coastline has suffered from the fury of hurricane. As the world grieves for the Hurricane Harvey, we bring to you some of the worst hurricanes which struck and caused significant damage.

1. Great Hurricane of 1780Worst hurricanes - Great Hurricane of 1780

Great Hurricane struck in 1780 through the Caribbean and killed over 22,000 people. Soldiers who were stationed in the region for Revolutionary War were mostly killed in this powerful hurricane. This massive hurricane caused winds to blow at 320 km/hour and is considered to be the worst hurricane of all times.

2. Galveston HurricaneWorst hurricanes - Galveston

This hurricane struck United States in September 1900 and led to loss of estimated 6,000 to 12,000 lives. It is considered to be the worst hurricane in United States. This was a category 4 storm and led to 6 meter of flash flooding with 3600 homes getting destroyed in the same.

3. Florida Keys Labor day HurricaneWorst hurricanes - Florida Keys Labor day Hurricane

This was a category 5 storm and led to death of 400 people. The hurricane struck in 1935 and half of those killed were World War I veterans who were engaged in construction of a road. Damage worth $6 million were caused by this hurricane.

4. HugoWorst hurricanes - Hugo

Coastal dwellers in North of America also had to bear the fury of a hurricane in 1954 which caused 50 deaths and damage worth $8 billion. This was a category 3 hurricane and the strongest ever to hit east coast north of Florida.

5. MitchWorst hurricanes - Mitch

This was the worst hurricane to hit the Western Hemisphere in over 200 years. It led to killing of 11,000 people and caused damages worth $5 billion in Honduras. Mitch struck in October 1998 and poured over 10 cm of rain in an hour for two days causing massive flooding.

6. KatrinaWorst hurricanes - Katrina

Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans and other parts of Gulf Coast. Though orders were issued to evacuate the region but people chose to stay back. Therefore hurricane Katrina which occurred in 2005 led to loss of 1833 lives and caused damage to property worth $108 billion and is considered to be the costliest hurricane in the history of United States.

7. GilbertWorst hurricanes - Gilbert

With a diameter of 926 Km, Gilbert was considered to be largest hurricane in Atlantic basin. This was a category 5 storm and struck in September 1988. This hurricane covered the entire Jamaica and damaged over 80 percent homes in that region.

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