World’s First Bike Escalator In Norway!

World’s First Bike Escalator In Norway

Cycling your way to work has always been considered a healthy option. With increase in traffic every day, cycling has become a reality and increasing number of people around the globe are taking to this way to be healthy. Though cycling does not involve much effort on the part of the rider in case the track is flat, things could be different on a higher surface. A steep hill climb is a challenge for an average cyclist as this takes a major effort on their part to make the climb comfortably.World’s First Bike Escalator In Norway

Innovative Solution

A solution to this problem has been found in the city of Trondheim in Norway. A bike escalator has been developed and put in action in Trondheim with the objective of easing the lives of those who intend to cycle to work and for fun.

It is interesting to mention though that this bike escalator was invented in the 90’s but it took over two decades for the same to be put to a public trial. The innovative solution was previously named as Trampe lift but has now been reworked and has been nicknamed as CycloCable. It was invented by a daily commuter who got exhausted climbing up to work on a daily basis and therefore thought of working on some innovative solution to ease his and other commuter’s problems.

The success of CycloCable can be gauged from the fact that it has carried over 200,000 cyclists since its inception. The cycle track is around 150 m long and passes through a steep climb which otherwise would have been a headache for the cyclists. The working design of CycloCable has been done in such a manner that the cyclists need to place one foot on escalators angled platform and they are thereafter pushed uphill at a speed of 5 mph.World’s First Bike Escalator In Norway

The best part of CycloCable is that it can be used by 5 cyclists simultaneously and can also carry other small wheel transport as a mother accompanied by a baby stroller and child with a scooter. The immensely successful CycloCable is a hit with the locals who use it in large number to reach their destination. Tourists also have been coming over to this small town to view the magic unfold before their eyes. The invention is a great innovation indeed and can be replicated in other hill towns all over the world. This will not only ease the problems faced by cyclists in these cities and towns but will also add a new dimension to management of traffic. Cost implications however remain as one meter of this elevated track costs around USD 2,000-3,000.

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