World’s Best First Class Airline Seats!

Most Luxurious Airline Seats - Emirates A 380 First Class

Flying long distances can be troublesome if you do not pay attention while choosing the airlines to travel. Owing to intense competition, most of the airlines are trying to woo travelers by offering them comfortable journey.
Have your pick from among the airlines listed below and make your next journey memorable.

1. Emirates A 380 First ClassMost Luxurious Airline Seats - Emirates A 380 First Class

Emirates is undoubtedly the leader when it comes to luxury. The first class here comes with a private suite that has a mini bar and a spacious bathroom so that you can freshen up when arriving after a long overnight journey. You can even put up a do not disturb sign board in case you wish to spend some private moments with family.

2. Singapore Airlines Suites ClassMost Luxurious Airline Seats - Singapore Airlines Suites Class

Singapore Airlines in its suite class offers a hotel like feel in its first class. You get a full size bed to sleep and few complimentary glasses of Dom Perignon. You can also customize your meal by selecting your preferred dishes from a range of international cuisines.

3. Cathay Pacific First ClassMost Luxurious Airline Seats - Cathay Pacific First Class

The VIP service of Cathay Pacific is unique as it offers a comfortable lie-back seat that comes with suitable bedding. The wide selection in food service makes the journey comfortable. The seat is in a form of a sofa that surrounds the entire seat.

4. Etihad Airways Diamond First Class SeatMost Luxurious Airline Seats - Etihad Airways Diamond First Class Seat

This flagship carrier of United Arab Emirates comes with a personal suite that can be closed so that you get complete privacy. It also comes with a mini bar and you can choose your personalized food from a range of international cuisine available.
The cabin is so perfectly designed that you will not feel away from office when on a business trip and can complete your pending tasks when flying to your next destination.

5. Air France “La Premiere”Most Luxurious Airline Seats - Air France “La Premiere”

The trip on La Premiere is bound to be special, given the level of commitment airlines staff shows towards you. The suite is available on the newly launched A 380 airbus jets and will soon be extended to other of its aircrafts.

You can enjoy your favorite movie on the 24’’ TV and can relish cuisines prepared by selected chefs including Joel Robuchon. The first class suite has reclining seats and you can relax when on an overnight flight. The personalized suite also comes with a complete table so that you can place all your necessary stuff comfortably in a secured manner.

Increasing number of airlines are coming with personalized services so that they can attract loyal clientele. Choose your preferred airlines from those listed above and travel in style.

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