Why Being Single in 20s Is Better

party hard

Being young is always exciting. You have nothing to worry and the world seems to be at your feet. Being single in 20s is always the best thing to happen.

10. Your friends are single too

20s is the age of being single and enjoying the world. Most of your friends too must be single. Travel the world and explore new vistas. You will not be in 20s forever.single friends


9. You do not need to commit in a relationship

This is the age of making new friends and getting involved in a relation. The best part though is that you do not need to commit in the relationship and can move out anytime.

8. Travel at your might

You need not inform others on your travel plans. Your family will too feel happy that you are exploring the world and getting to know people. This will definitely help you out in the long run.

7. Your room is truly yours

Being single has an advantage that you do not need to share your personal space with others. The room is all yours and you can plan the layout according to your will.

messy room, boys room, guys rooms, own room

6. You can move to a new city effortlessly

A married person has to think from family’s perspective before moving to a new city for better job prospects. When you are single and in your 20’s, no one will ask you if you change jobs and cities for better future growth.

5. You can take out time for your passion

You might be interested in photography or writing. Pursuing your passion gets difficult in later life. 20’s is the best time to follow your heart as you are single and can look out for new vistas of opportunities.

4. You can make new career choices

Being single in 20’s is the best time to experiment. If you are not satisfied with your present job or internship options, you can consider trying your hand at something new. No one will argue with you but only encourage you to make new choices.

3. Best time to argue with parents

20’s is the best age to argue with parents as they know that you will continuously come up with new demands. They will also listen to you and fulfil your genuine demands and needs.

2. You can party hard

Party hard and let others know that you are in your 20’s.Even if they argue with you on making their lives difficult; they know in their heart that you will never listen. Enjoy this feeling and make the most of it.

party hard

1. Show your best

20s is the best time to show your best skill, be it dancing or singing. Pursue your skills as you have ample time at hand and no one in the world will come to disturb you.


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