Who You Will Be Compatible with, Tells Your Zodiac Sign

Your love and relation depend to a great extent on your zodiac sign. It is strange but true that astrologers can tell a lot about you just by looking at your zodiac sign.

Are some signs incompatible

The natural question which will likely arise in such a scenario is that are any of the two zodiac signs incompatible too. If we were to think from an astrologer’s perspective, the answer would be in the negative. Effort and compromise can make things work, even among the most incompatible zodiac signs too.

There are many elements in any given zodiac sign and when these combine some potential match will surely occur. For instance, Aries is a fire sign and if compared with someone having a Aquarius sign, the combination is likely to produce some hot air. This air will feed the fire and warmth in the relation is likely to follow.


Compatibility Matters

When we talk about the compatibility of two star signs, we mostly look at the position of Sun in both these signs. The element compatibility is also looked into as is the distance between the sun signs. This will tell if the signs are harmonious or not in the first step.

As a reference, we can consider the sign of Aries which is a fire sign. The other fire signs namely Leo and Sagittarius will be most compatible with Aries as with each other. Similarly, the air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are also compatible with these fire signs.

On a different note if these Sun sings were to be compared with water signs of Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer, the same positive effect will not likely emerge as water is known to act as an extinguisher when it comes to fire.

However, all said and done while the sun signs do play a detrimental role in determining compatibility among partners and are matched while marriages are to be solemnized, there are some other aspects too which need to be looked into.

Some other elements too play avital role in judging the compatibility as do these sun signs. Mars and Venus are considered to be of tremendous relevance when it comes to matching compatible relations.

Indian mythology and religion pay a vital attention to sun signs when it comes to building relations. This has been part of our tradition since long and is likely to play a dominating role in the coming era too.




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