Where To Welcome New Year 2016!

New Year at Paris, France

With hardly two months for 2015 to say goodbye to you, it is time that you plan your New Year celebration destination. And if you like travel oversees for new year we have a list of numerous popular destinations across the globe that can be chosen for a sojourn with the family and friends.

Below we list some of the top ranking places that you can think about for making your New Year celebrations memorable.

1. Christmas IslandNew Year at christmas island

This is the destination for those who like to welcome the new year in peace surrounded by nature. Christmas Island could be your ideal bet for making New Year celebrations memorable. Owing to its time zone designation, Christmas Island would be the first place to ring in 2016. Lush green rain forests and massive coral reef make the island a worthy place for celebrating New Year.

2. Sydney, AustraliaNew Year At Sydney, Australia

If the remoteness of Christmas Island is not of your liking, the vibrant city of Sydney could be the next best pick. Australia welcomes New Year before any other country does and could be an ideal place. The light and firework show over Sydney Harbor is something that you should not be missing.

3. Rio de Janerio, BrazilNew Year At Rio de Janerio, Brazil

The city wears an amazing look during the New Year celebrations and people can be seen wearing white dresses and partying hard on the beach during the celebrations. The rooftop parties in Rio de Janerio are another specialty of the city during this time.

4. Paris, FranceNew Year at Paris, France

Eiffel Tower looks special on the eve of New Year and Paris being the fashion capital of the world dons a new look on this day. The amazing firework too adds some glory to the scenario making Paris an ideal destination for celebrations.

5. Tokyo, JapanNew Year at Tokyo, Japan

New Year celebrations in Tokyo begin early and last for a week during New Year ’s Eve. Parties, fireworks and the vibrant atmosphere in this city make Tokyo another ideal destination for celebrating New Year.

6. Edinburgh, ScotlandNew Year at Edinburg, Scotland

For those among who like old traditions and customary events, Edinburgh in Scotland could be the ideal destination for ringing in 2016. The celebrations in this town lasts for days together and locals parade down the streets with lighted torches reminding of the days of Vikings. The towering image of Edinburgh castle adds unique touch to the entire scenario making it a worthy place to celebrate the advent of 2016.

7. Kyoto, JapanNew Year at Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto in Japan is another worthy place to celebrate the beginning of 2016 as tradition rules over the advent of modernity here. Temples around Kyoto start ringing over 100 massive bells, even as the clock strikes 12.
It is believed that this will ward off all bad omens and bring peace and prosperity to the residents of the town and those who come here to celebrate the New Year.

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