When Someone Asks Your Salary, This Is How You React!


Socializing with your peers is not an easy task, it usually involves a lot of small talk or a great amount of boasting mixed with curious questions that you would like to avoid. In the middle of the conversation you will always like to find out a way to come across that person who doesn’t mind secretly altering your earnings. What to do in a situation when your friend turns to you and asks how much your current employer pays you? Following are a few options for answering such a question.

Tell Them Your Salary

Some of us love to brag about how much we make, not all of us are particular about keeping are salary to ourselves. If you’re one of the type who have no problem in telling people how much you earn at your office then simply answer the question outright. The conversation can lead to some good referral if your friend knows of some job openings that pay more than your current employer.

Give Them a Range

If you are a kind of person who does not want to answer the question directly, tell them the radius between the amount falls. Majority of the time it will satisfy their curiosity and they won’t feel the need to continue disturbing you for the answers. There are some people who frequently consider switching their jobs and want to know what the average is for other professions is. They want to know about the financial health of other professions as they are thinking about breaking off from their career path.

Avoid questions relating to salaryPolitely Decline to Answer

You have all the rights to refuse if you don’t want to disclose your salary openly. As you don’t want the conversation to turn sour, politely decline to answer in more of a respectful tone or simply say that you don’t like to talk about your finances publically. This will showcase your gracious side as well as the fact that you don’t want to chat about your salary.

Brush It Off Without Directly Declining

Sometimes you wish to drop a direct hint in hope that the person expecting for a dollar amount will pick up on the fact that you feel their question is impolite. If you are trying this option then don’t forget to state that you make a magnanimous wage that provides a good standard of living for your family. Hopefully this will help you back off and accept the fact that you don’t like to talk or compare incomes.

Reject the Question and Change the Subject

Sometimes it’s better to say it like it is only rather than declining the question every time. Directly tell the person that you don’t want to talk about it and change the subject it can be done in a joking way like saying “Oh, I make a dollar more than Brad Pitt” and then quickly shift to another topic. No one can force you to disclose your income so passing the matter immediately will give you a chance to go back to having more light hearted dialogue.

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