When Did WWE Become Sports Entertainment?

Sports entertainment as the name indicates is done for the benefit or entertainment of the audience. Sports entertainment can also be considered as an open secret as in most of the cases, the results are pre determined. Ideally, sports entertainment is not undertaken with a competitive or sportsmanship spirit.

The terminology of sports entertainment was popularized by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as the name itself is indicative of the same. In fact, the term sports entertainment was coined by WWE during the 1980s. It is described as description for their style of professional wrestling. However, some link the term sports entertainment to the year 1935 when Lou Marsh who was the sports editor for Toronto Star described professional wrestling as sports entertainment.WWE Sports entertainment

However, in 1989 WWE put forward a strong case of listing itself as sports entertainment when it used this phrase to make its case at the New Jersey Senate to classify professional wrestling as sports entertainment.
It is however true that many other sports also fall under the ambit of sports entertainment. Exhibition basketball and dodgeball, poker and rock-paper scissors are some other examples which exemplify this perception.
Moreover with WWE referring to its wrestlers as “Sports Entertainer”, it is understood that WWE is firmly on the way of becoming a true sport entertainer show.

Sports entertainment, a concept which has been propagated by WWE has its numerous supporters also. In fact, many popular names in United States have taken part in sports entertainment activities or have shown open interest in being a part of this movement. Prominent among these are professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal who is a long time pro wrestling fan and attends different events hosted by WWE. Floyd Mayweather Junior has also expressed his interest in taking up the career of professional WWE wrestler, once he retires from professional boxing.WWE Sports entertainment

The popularity of WWE can be understood from the fact that it has a huge fan base that spreads not only throughout United States of America only but many other nations also. This was amply clear in the Presidential elections of 2008 when many of the candidates including Barack Obama, John McCain and Hillary Clinton recorded video messages which were broadcast to audience of WWE.
WWE has created a niche for itself as a sports entertainment medium and is widely appreciated and recognized worldwide suitably.

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